•Semi-auto, blowback action
•Single trigger system
•Standard AK trigger block
•Matte black finish
•Fixed blade front & rear sights
•Pistol grip stock
•Includes (2) Beretta 92-style mags
•OAL: 14.25"
•Wt.: 6.1 lbs.

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Comments (5)

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Dont buy from Adams Gun shop, they will cancel your order and not honor the price. Contact me for more info.

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I did finally receive mine from Adams Gun Shop, but their communication was very poor. I had my dealer send his FFL to the email address shown on their website (that starts with FFL). Later I received an email asking me to send my dealer's FFL to a different email address. He did, but I still received another email asking me to send it. When I twice emailed them asking if they received it, I never received a reply. I called several times and there was no answer. I finally got someone to answer the phone (based on the accent, there's no way his name was Adam). The guy told me that it shipped the previous day, but couldn't tell me how. Fortunately, it did show it. Based on their poor communication, I'll never buy from Adam's again.

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I picked one up when they first came out, had it to the range.
Hefty weight, definitely a reworked ak frame, and solid 9mm BCG. Pistol grip is proprietary. Magwell adapter is weird (it's the entire foregrip) but functioned just fine with 15-30 rd mags. *Glock mag adapter is now available, for it 40-50$ ? Gun didn't have a hiccup at the range, trigger was ok, accuracy was decent. Wish the barrel was threaded. Decent little trunk monkey I guess.

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Still waiting for some real world feedback and reviews before I jump on this

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I have not shot mine yet, but I can tell you that it looks well built. It is actually quite different from a regular AK. The front trunnion is very different. There is no bolt carrier, just a large bolt. There are other minor differences. I might make mine an SBR if it runs well.

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