5.56 Nato (.223 Remington Ok)

35.5" Fully Extended / 32.25" Collapsed

6lbs 11oz (Average)

Anodized, Aircraft Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum Flat Top, Forward Assist and M4 Feed Ramps.

LOWER RECEIVER 80% (Optional)
Anodized, Aircraft Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum
Click here for a description: What is an 80% Lower Receiver?

Standard - 16" Chrome Molybdenum, 1:8 RH Twist, Phosphate*
Upgrade - 16" Chrome Molybdenum, 1:7 RH Twist, Nitride

Direct Impingement Carbine-Length Gas System, .750 Diameter Gas Block

Milspec Standard GI Style

Milspec Standard GI Style

Standard - Milspec Standard GI Style
Upgrade - Magpul MOE

Standard - 10" Lightweight Slimline Keymod Adaptable, Anodized Series 6061 T6 Aluminum
Upgrade - 12" Lightweight Slimline Keymod Adaptable, Anodized Series 6061 T6 Aluminum
Upgrade - 15" Lightweight Slimline Keymod Adaptable, Anodized Series 6061 T6 Aluminum
Upgrade - MLOK Adaptable
Click here for a description: What is Keymod Adaptable?
Click here for a description: What is MLOK Adaptable?

Standard - Milspec Standard - 5 Position Adjustable
Upgrade - Magpul MOE Milspec

Standard - Milspec Standard GI Style
Upgrade - DLX Ambidextrous

Standard - M16 Cut w/ 9310 Steel Bolt, Shot Peened & Magnetic Particle Inspected, Parkerized Finish
Upgrade - M16 Cut w/ 9310 Steel Bolt, Shot Peened & Magnetic Particle Inspected, Nitride Finish

Milspec Standard A2 Muzzle Break

SIGHT SET (Optional)
Low Profile Backup, Polymer, Front and Rear Flip-Up Sights
Click here to link to the the Product Page for a complete description.

*Parts subject to availability. Out of stock items will be upgraded at no additional charge and without notice. If you require a specific configuration please call before placing your order.

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I have purchased both the carbine and sbr kits. Carbine kit put together well but had an issue with the other kit. Emailed them and got a call the next day. He said he would ship me out a new upper and got the tracking information minutes from our call. Great customer service

Anyone know what Ceratac means when they say, "Made in the USA...that is where all of the Core Components in our Kits are manufactured."

I do wonder how much more it would cost to use a USA-manufactured lower parts kit and buffer + spring? That's an upgrade I would be willing to pay for. Longer rail, stainless barrel, deluxe charging handle are all unimportant to me personally, I just feel better knowing all of the key functional (movable) components are made here.

Accessories can come from China. :)

All USA Made Kit! We are working on putting together a 100% Made in the USA Kit and hope to have it available shortly!

Wish their sbr length woukd go on sale

These guys need to offer more m-lok stuff- keymod is so 2015

FREE Mlok Handrail!!! Upgrade our Classic Carbine to an Mlok handrail for Free while supplies last! Click on the link for more information.

Is this just cheap Chinese crap? I ordered one and it isn't shipping out of Wyoming, it is shipping out of a San Bernardino distribution center.

notice how they are vague with the "core components" description. my impression is basically the barrel, upper receiver, and bcg are usa. lower too if you order that. maybe a couple other parts. but basically no better than the other chicom/usa mix sellers on here so i dont get why its so highly rated. i hate their least the other sellers tell you which parts are made in usa. this seller's excuse was that AR's have too many parts to list lol. what a bunch of BULLCRAP, they are being disingenuous for a reason

Made in the USA...that is where all of the Core Components in our Kits are manufactured. To be clear we are indeed a small, family owned, Wyoming Company. But just because we are small doesn't mean that we can't learn from the big guys. In order to get product to our customers faster we utilize two fulfillment facilities, similar to how Amazon distributes product. One of those facilities happens to be located in California. Depending upon which product you order and where you are located determines where your order ships from. In this case you ordered on the 28th and it shipped on the 28th and is scheduled for delivery 4 days later. That's not too bad considering it is probably one the busiest shipping days of the year. As far as quality goes you can read other reviews but ultimately you will the be the judge. Just keep in mind that all of our products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. On top of that, if your not happy with the product just send it back and we will refund your money.

Great, thank you for responding.

Ordered my on Black Friday had it in my mailbox Cyber Monday.

Same here, they must have shipped it immediately. Components look good, have not assembled it yet.

Just picked one of these up with the nitride bcg and barrel hope all works out I also splurged in extra $15 for assembly assuming that those busy eyes will spend a little extra time on mine to verify every thing is ok. Will update upon arrival

I can't get a reply either so, I'll try here as well. Order number 22413.

My problem is with the $10 upgraded nitride barrel. Chamber has two micro-burs at the neck. So, ejection problems and scratching groves in the empty shells. Also, missing the safety selector but, that's a minor thing.

Shipping and packaging was top notch. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

This is the Busiest time of the Year so I apologize that it is taking some time for us to get back to every email and phone message. We understand the importance of every order and we are working diligently to get back to everyone as quickly as possible.
Regardless, I got a replacement Safety Selector headed your direction today. As far a micro-burs causing extraction problems are concerned, this is definitely a first for me. Ejection or Extraction problems are almost always caused by improper installation of the gas system. In over two decades being involved with the gun industry, I have never hear of micro-burs being the causing this type of problem. With that said, it is theoretically possible and I do not discount that this could indeed be the case. So I will make sure to give you a call later today to see what's going on and see how we can get you up and shooting as quickly as possible.

Thank you for the quick response. I've never had this problem before either which is why I went into such detail in my email. I know its not the gas system causing the problem though. I did all test fires with single rounds in magazine. Every shot the BCG was locked back. The cases then had to be knocked out with a cleaning rod, with two cases having the rims ripped apart by the extractor. Groves cut into the case neck were always present and in same location, even when knocked out with the cleaning rod.

I've built 9 of these budget rifles and I will say, this problem aside, your parts are best quality I've used.

Update for anyone interested. Still no contact from Ceratac.

So, today I took the upper to a local gun shop. They told me the groves are coming from the feed ramps cutting into the case as the round is chambered. This could be causing the extraction issues since it leaves burs on the case. Feed ramps aren't cut properly.

I decided to try some tula steel cased junk to see if it could handle the ramps any better than the federal brass cased ammo. With tula ammo I had severe feeding issues. I could only get the round fully chambered about 1/3 of the time. The other 2/3 would go in about 90% of the way in and get stuck.

As of now I'm stuck with a non-functional rifle.

Follow UP, Contact... Trying to find a customer based upon a user name can be challenging. Apparently, there are other customers who use the word "botman" in their email address. (Who would have thought.) With the confusion aside, I was able to get into contact with "botman" and we are sending him a fully assembled Upper Receiver to replace the Unassembled Kit he purchased. I expect this to resolve the issue but if anything else comes up I will be sure to keep this updated.

I can verify they contacted me and I'm just waiting for the delivery. If all goes well, I'll have a functional rifle by Wednesday.

I did list my order number in my first message here. Seems like you should have been able to find all my info based on that. I can understand missing it if you're swamped with orders though.

You guys do an amazing job and hands-down have the best customer service in the industry. Period. End of story.

I had an issue with a rail I received on a completed upper and you guys sent me a replacement same day with an RMA slip for the old one inside the package.

If anyone reading this is even considering supporting CERATAC, do some reading. See what people are actually saying (reddit, etc.) regarding this company's service. It's really rare in today's market.

Thank you for the kind words. We try our best every day to provide our customers with best product, price, and service available.

Check your (BCG) Bolt Carrier group, my Carbine kit BCG was not even machined for the Gas ports, dust door cutout or the forward assist grooves. Like others, no email answer or phone return call. Hopefully through this, we can contact them. Order number 22488.

It's true... we accidently shipped a side charging BCG with this order and we've been swamped with emails and phone calls this past week. A replacement BCG and return label have been mailed out on this order. I apologize for the mixup.

Side Charging handle?..didn't know they existed. Your sending a standard BCG and a Recall tag, nice. Any idea on when I would receive it? Thanks

Read through the comments below (with replies), they'll get back to you, I think their service is just fine for a small company like this.

Update to my whine: Ryan called as he said he would and we had a pleasant chat. My replacement rail arrived yesterday (Monday) along with a prepaid shipping label to return the damaged one.

Opened up the second kit this weekend to check and appeared A-OK 100%.

Guys, buy it. I ordered mine Friday, it was delivered Monday. I won't admit to how many AR's I've put together, but this is every bit as good as anything you'll buy for twice the price. I upgraded to the $15 tactical, and $10 for the nitride barrel. The rail is incredible (and very light!), the barrel is coated perfectly, the bolt carrier is slick and smooth. Even the sights are legit. I haven't put together the lower yet, so can't speak to the trigger or barrel accuracy, but these guys deserve the benefit of the doubt. I will be buying another as soon as I throw the wife off the scent!

Ha ha ha!


Well it's good to see that I'm not the only one whose emails do not elicit a response. I was starting to feel unwanted and unloved. Quite easy to skip over an email with the title 'Kit Order 22138' sent on Nov 1. Still waiting. I called once or twice, no answer but did not leave a message. That aspect falls on me. It appears that the only way to have any contact is to whine here. I too, experienced the marks, scrapes, and a couple of gouges on the tactical upgrade handrail as I noted in my email portions cut and pasted here:

Just built the kit today, very pleased with the overall quality and parts fit. That's the good news, however, when I opened the upper's sealed plastic bag, the wrap at the front on the right hand side had several scrapes/digs (8 or 9) a couple of which were quite deep.. I colored them with a Sharpee and it did the trick on most of them, but they're still there and will wash away at the first cleaning. There was no damage to the shipping box or the plastic tube. I know things happen, but frankly this should have been caught before shipping. I'll live with it as I've built the thing now!

Anyway I ordered another kit a few days ago after that $30 price drop (my timing was off as usual with the first one) and it shows as shipped. Hoping for the best.
Update: The second kit arrived about a week ago, note that the second order was placed prior to discovering the damage on the first. Haven't even checked it yet. Errors happen, we're only human, hence my not being remotely upset over the handguard. Figured that someone would at least have the courtesy to respond at sometime. What does pull my chain is being ignored. I'm a paying customer. not some flake w/BS questions. This appears to be an ongoing problem with your company, and here's the thing, customer service is a critical component of any successful business and if you want my business, you had better earn it.

Customer Service is a Critical Component of a successful business and I'm sorry to hear you are feeling overlooked. I did go back to check for your email and I found it buried deep in our Spam folder. I'm not sure how it got there but we do get a ton of emails and our junk mail settings are pretty high. I went back and adjusted those setting to try and make sure no customer emails get missed in the future. With that said, we are on the phone all day every day but if you don't leave a message we don't know that you need support. Because of the tragedy in Texas we have been a little behind but typically our average call back time is 20 minutes, even if it is after normal hours

With all that said, our goal is to ensure our Customers are 100% satisfied with their products, so lets get you a new handrail to replace the damaged one. They are pretty simple to replace, 6 screws, and if your ok doing the swap I can get you a new one in the mail today. I will reach out to you by phone after we open this morning to make sure this is an acceptable solution.

Every Customer is important to us and we take Customer Service very seriously. We will not rest until you are 100% Satisfied with your product. I apologize for not seeing your email sooner and look forward to resolving your issue immediately. As always if you need faster customer support please give us a call at 307-800-1717.

Just went to order a tactical set. Looks like there are 280 in stock, but the cart says tactical is out of stock. Any ideas on when tactical with the nitride barrel will be back in?

They are IN STOCK! It is just a typo that we are working on correcting right now. It should be fixed on the website shortly. If you can put it in the cart then it is definitely in stock. All orders placed by 3:00 PM EST ship SAME DAY!

Perfect, ordering now. Can't wait! Thanks, Chip Lynn

My experience with Ceratac. I purchased the Tactical model and did receive it quickly. It was shipped Smartpost which usually takes a couple of extra days in transit. Yes it was shipped the same day I ordered but I didn't know that, because I never received an email notification it was shipped. After several days, I contacted Ceratac via email and Ryan stated it was shipped and I should have received an email and to check my junk mail. That's all he stated in the email response to me, no tracking info was provided. I emailed back and stated I didn't receive the email and there was nothing in my junk mail and wanted a tracking number. I received a response with the tracking info. OK, so far so good... just a minor glitch in the email... whatever.

The package was delivered and it took me a day or so to inventory it. It was packaged well, in fact better that I anticipated. The quality seems to be good, but after reading some of the feedback, I wanted to make sure the roll pin for the trigger guard was shipped. It was not. There was no trigger guard roll pin included. Also, the tactical hand rail was scratched up pretty good (like someone had something attached to it previously) and I took a pic to send to Ceratac. Other than those 2 issues, everything was in order.

I had a spare CMMG lower kit and used it, along with a Spikes lower to finish the build. It went together quickly and very tight. I'm impressed so far and looking forward to trying it out this weekend.

Here's where I'm a bit put-off. I emailed Ceratac on Saturday 11/4 stating the two issues and sent a pic of the hand rail. I was polite and simply want to know how Ceratac is going to handle these two issues. It's now Tuesday 11/7 and I haven't received any response. I did send a follow-up email asking for them to respond to my previous email. Still nothing. So after seeing all the "awesome customer service" feedback, I felt the need to share my experience.

Hi trev357,
I understand your concern and I apologize for not getting back with you yesterday. Normally, I have time to respond to emails and phone calls on the weekend but we have been swamped lately and it is taking me a couple of days to answer emails and phone calls. With that said, I did call you earlier today 9:06 AM and left you a message. I figured that it would be better to call you directly rather than email so I could make sure you didn't need anything else before I sent out replacement parts. I understand that it can be frustrating when things don't arrive in the condition they should. Please rest assured that we will definitely remedy the situation immediately and we won't stop until you are completely satisfied. We have identified that the trigger guard roll pin was left out of approximately 10 of our Kits that were shipped out recently. As such we are offering a free upgraded aluminum oversized trigger guard as a replacement. I was hoping to hear back from you before I sent out parts but if I don't hear back I will send out the replacement trigger guard and handguard by the end of the day today. Again, I apologize for not getting back with you yesterday.

Follow Up... I didn't hear back from you yesterday so I went ahead and sent out the upgraded trigger guard and handguard. I will follow up again with both an email and message as soon as they arrive. I'm mostly caught up on emails and phone messages so if you need anything please let me know.

Follow-up to my previous feedback. Thanks Ryan! The number you called was my home number and I didn't get your message until late that evening, after you shipped the package. I sincerely appreciate you reaching out to me via phone and responding to my posts here so quickly. I did receive the new handguard and upgraded trigger guard yesterday... they look to be in perfect order.

For anyone reading this, don't hesitate whatsoever with these kits and especially the customer support. I was hesitant at first, but I'm extremely happy with both at this point.

My father ordered one of these kits as well and I noticed some slight differences from the one I ordered a month ago:

1) The lower receiver blank has a little smoother finish and matches the upper really well.

2) It's a different lower parts kit. The one I received had different color-coded packages for all of the different steps. E.g., the takedown pins were packaged along with the detents and springs needed for that step. This kit has all of the springs in one pouch, pins in another, etc.

3) The sear faces are smoother and appear to be filled post anodizing, I suspect the trigger will feel better out of the box.

4) The upper receiver still doesn't fit into the lower receiver, he'll need to do a bit of filling like I had to, no biggie but be aware that you'll need to do this unless your jig mills out the rear pocket area.

Overall, I think it'll be a great gun just be aware that each build may be a bit different but, overall, still looks to be a great deal if you want to manufacture your own firearm!

Update on my 2 Lower builds. I used a stripped Anderson arms lower. Everything went together pretty easily , with the exception of 2 things. Neither of the two had the roll pin for the trigger guard, and I had to grind down 1/16 of an inch off the trigger disconnector on 1 of the 2. The hammer would get stuck in the down position as there was too much metal left on the disconnector and it would lock on each other. I will be contacting them for 2 trigger guard pins and let you know how their customer service went. The uppers fit perfectly with my Anderson lowers, and they test fired and cycled perfectly.
PS>The indent on the bottom of the barrel made it real easy to seat the gas port. That is darn near half the cycle problems of most ar15's(new).

I purchased the tactical kit and basic kit. Both arrived in exceptional time (4 Days). I was very pleased with the quality of the parts. The only issues I had was with the tactical kit. The tactical kit did not ship with a roll pin for the forward assist, and the detent on the dust cover would not depress. I assembled the entire upper, put my BCG and charging handle in place, then closed up the dust cover. When I went to remove the BCG and charging handle, the dust cover would not “pop” open like it is supposed to. After a little bit of work, I got it all apart. Even after removing the dust cover, I could not depress the dentent using even a pair of pliers. This is a minuscule issue to me as these parts are cheap and easy to acquire. I did however send an email to creatac about it, and after 2 days of not hearing back from them, decided to call. I left my name and number with their answering machine, and within 20 minutes they called me back. The gentleman I talked to was very polite and curtious, and informed me that they would be sending me the roll pin for the forward assist as well as a new dust cover assembly. 10/10 for customer service and 9.5/10 for quality. REMEMBER this is a sub $300 AR compared to a $1k AR....that being said, I consider it $300 well spent and I would order more kits from them, but my wife says otherwise.

Upon assembling the basic kit, I found that ceratac accidentally shipped the tactical hand guard (I’m not complaining). Also, the color of the hand guard that came with the basic kit had a very faint (but clearly visible) green tint to it instead of the plain black color. Not sure what the deal is with the color, but I actually really like it and am happy with the green-ish color. It gives it a very unique look.

Thanks for the honest and thoughtful review. We are growing quickly and constantly strive to find better and more efficient ways to provide quality parts for the best value. With that said, we aren't perfect but if something gets overlooked we will definitely make it right. As far as the handrail color is concerned, I double check the batch that your handrail came from and I didn't notice any distinguishable color differences. If you want, I would be glad to send you a new handrail. Just let me know what you need an we will take care of it, no questions asked.

Just did my 2 upper build portions, as I haven't gotten my lower yet. Very impressed with the quality. Everything went together perfectly, first one took me an hour, as it was my first upper build. The second took about 10 minutes or so. The rail is smooth and looks of much better quality than you would expect at this price range. I did fit it on an Anderson lower I had built for a previous gun and it fit perfectly, no play, wobble or anything out of the ordinary. I haven't fired either yet, but the only thing I could have done wrong is the seating of the gas tube. There is an indent on the bottom of the barrel that makes it pretty simple to line up though.

Shipping from Kalifornia to Ohio only took about 3 days(4 including sunday).

I couldn't resist, I snagged 2 of the base units. I have assembled no less than 20 ar15's so I will give you all my 2cents when I get them. Marrying them up to Anderson arms stripped lowers I got at the gun shows for $45 each.

Dirt cheap!!

Just finished the build and overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase. There were three items I didn't care for:

1) The trigger's sear face was not too smooth but a couple minutes with a sharpening stone cleaned it up.

2) The upper would not fit into the lower at the location where the takedown pin goes. For some reason it was just a hair larger then the slot in the gen 2 lower. It appeared to be a problem with the lower because the upper fit into another AR just fine. I ended up using a dremel to take out a bit of material and it works fine now.

3) For the life of me I could not get the rollpin out for the ejector, it seemed fused with the bolt. Yes, the ejector was depressed.

Now, the pros:

1) Very fast shipping (like, same day, on a weekend!)

2) The components arrived in good condition, nothing missing and the quality was decent.

3) I thought the rail was pretty nice for the price, It's a decent looking rifle.

One thing to note is that you'll need a 1 3/16" crowfoot wrench that isn't too wide. This is used to tighten the barrel nut for the rail. I went to five stores and nobody had one that would fit. I ended up having to fabricate my own (which was crude but worked!).

Overall, I would purchase again but it would be nice if they test fit the upper and lower prior to shipping.


Hi MrK,

Thanks for the kind words and we definitely appreciate an honest assessment of our products. We are always looking for ways to improve and It looks like there are a couple of things we can do better.

1) Just like any rifle we always recommend a break in period for all of our Kits. This helps all parts to mate together and function smoothly. This is also the case with the hammer and trigger. Simply putting some rounds down range will greatly improve function.

2) We did identify a batch of upper receivers where the rear lug was machined to the high end of the specified tolerance. While this is still within Mil-Spec it seems that certain Manufacturers Lower Receivers are running a little on the tight side of that spec. The difference being around .003-.005" or just slightly thicker than a sheet of paper. I pulled up the Lower Receiver Blueprint from the Department of Army, U.S. Army Weapons Command number 8448608 and I was able to confirm that the pocket in the Lower Receiver that accepts this lug has a dimension of .500 +.005. Unfortunately, we cannot test fit the Upper and the 80% Lower before shipping as that pocket is not completely machined. What we can do do is take a simple measurement and ensure that the upper lug is slights under maximum allowed dimension so that it is a better fit.

3) Removing the extractor roll pin typically requires a special press and can be extremely difficult if your trying use a hammer and punch.

As always, if you have any issue with your Kit, or any of our products, just let us know and we'll take care of it immediately. We are always here to help. We stand behind our products 100% and we want to ensure every customers is completely satisfied.

I had an error in my original post, I don't believe there is an issue with the extractor roll pin. It turns out my punch set came with a 5/64 punch and that rollpin requires a 1/16 punch. This was my fault and nothing to do with Ceratac's product, my apologies and I'm sorry that I can't modify the original post.

Regarding the upper and lower fitment, I don’t see why you can’t test fit the upper and lower receivers as long as the bolt carrier group is out of the upper? I used the 80% Arms Easy Jig Gen 2. The instructions state that the rear pocket of a gen 2 lower, where the takedown pin goes, should not require machining.

Maybe you guys are using a different jig which calls for this area to be machined, which could explain why I ran into the issue?

I had the opportunity to put a couple mags through the firearm yesterday and it worked great! I really appreciate the price point of the product and the response to my comment, I think you’re on to something and I look forward to making another one (it’s so fun!).

Also, I paid $15.00 for the tactical version which comes with a longer hand guard and the DLX charging handle. I did not get the DLX charging handle. I got the standard one.

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