5.56 Nato (.223 Remington Ok)

35.5" Fully Extended / 32.25" Collapsed

6lbs 11oz (Average)

Anodized, Aircraft Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum Flat Top, Forward Assist and M4 Feed Ramps.

LOWER RECEIVER 80% (Optional)
Anodized, Aircraft Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum
Click here for a description: What is an 80% Lower Receiver?

Standard - 16" Chrome Molybdenum, 1:8 RH Twist, Phosphate*
Upgrade - 16" Chrome Molybdenum, 1:7 RH Twist, Nitride

Direct Impingement Carbine-Length Gas System, .750 Diameter Gas Block

Milspec Standard GI Style

Milspec Standard GI Style

Standard - Milspec Standard GI Style
Upgrade - Magpul MOE

Standard - 10" Lightweight Slimline Keymod Adaptable, Anodized Series 6061 T6 Aluminum
Upgrade - 12" Lightweight Slimline Keymod Adaptable, Anodized Series 6061 T6 Aluminum
Upgrade - 15" Lightweight Slimline Keymod Adaptable, Anodized Series 6061 T6 Aluminum
Upgrade - MLOK Adaptable
Click here for a description: What is Keymod Adaptable?
Click here for a description: What is MLOK Adaptable?

Standard - Milspec Standard - 5 Position Adjustable
Upgrade - Magpul MOE Milspec

Standard - Milspec Standard GI Style
Upgrade - DLX Ambidextrous

Standard - M16 Cut w/ 9310 Steel Bolt, Shot Peened & Magnetic Particle Inspected, Parkerized Finish
Upgrade - M16 Cut w/ 9310 Steel Bolt, Shot Peened & Magnetic Particle Inspected, Nitride Finish

Milspec Standard A2 Muzzle Break

SIGHT SET (Optional)
Low Profile Backup, Polymer, Front and Rear Flip-Up Sights
Click here to link to the the Product Page for a complete description.

*Parts subject to availability. Out of stock items will be upgraded at no additional charge and without notice. If you require a specific configuration please call before placing your order.

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Comments and Reviews (336)

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Thumbs up. I have to leave a compliment here... something I rarely do. I bought the kit and a lower from Ceratac with hesitation... saw varied reviews, but the price was low so I figured I'd give it a try. The kit came quickly, but I got busy with other things and didn't start the build for 4 months. When I did, the build went great, and I love the finished product.

There was one small part missing (bolt catch detent). I emailed and a couple of days later Jessica replied and they mailed me the part.... even though it had been a few months.

I think these low-cost shops run light staff, so the responsiveness isn't there (you won't call and talk to a human). But Ceratac does seem to follow up reliably and in my opinion their product is fantastic for the price. I'll buy from them again.

Looks like they have a live chat customer service on their website now. Whoever hasn't received contact back from them for missing parts or issues I'd recommend to reach out!

Been waiting for parts for months. No answer from email or phone.

Not a company any more they are closed and just take your money no way to get ahold of anyone and will never get your product!!

Sent more than 10 emails in a row and they can't respond with a simple answer as to when I can expect to see my missing hardware . I've had to go out and buy from other places just to finish a build that I bought a kit for in the middle of February. Even leave messages on every voicemail box their phone system has and I've be in the dark for almost 3 weeks. WTF!

Make sure to order now to build an AR by xmas. Chances are you'll be missing something or need a replacement. Then the struggle gets real... getting ahold of anyone in customer service to get things resolved. #CeratacCSstruggleforlife...

I am very unsatisfied. I ordered and received my kit but when I put it all together the rifle would not function. I swapped BCGs and it ran just fine so I figured "no big deal, ill just let them know I need a new BCG." I've tried calling, emailing, PMing on this site and a host of other ways to contact them with no success. It has been over 3 months now and I haven't heard a peep from Ceratac. I would have ordered at least 2 more kits from these guys but after the awful customer service and the non functioning rifle I wont be coming back to them.
Very disappointed.

Edit*** Sorry, thought this was another company. Can't speak for Ceratac.

I ordered a kit and got it in less then a week! Haven’t put it together but everything was packaged well I have no complaints.

I placed an order on 2/22 with them, received a shipping notice on 3/1. However, the tracking just lists my order as “on its way to a USPS facility”. Multiple phone calls, emails, and even messaging them through here has gotten me nowhere. About ready to dispute the charges on my credit card at this point...

I’ve been trying since November to get ahold of them. Phone, email, nothing from them. Don’t expect any communication, must be Bots that are posting the positive stuff...

Would not recommend! I've been trying to get ahold of costumer service because they sent me and out of spec bolt carrier and the rifle will not function. It's been a month and I still haven't heard back from them after 4 emails and countless unanswered phone calls.
Very unsatisfied!

will these be back in stock any time soon trying to buy a few more

Just got ahold of him, parts ship tomorrow! These guys are legit, your right hang in there with them. They got a good thing going right now. Thanks Ceratac keep up the good work!

Well guys, sent an email, PM to Facebook page, called left a msg and PM them on this forum. All from last Saturday andddd, still no response. Their gear is legit and works good however, the costumer service not so much.


Hey man, I'm a fellow customer like you, and like you I have also had a hard time getting a hold of a representative, BUT, if you keep trying you WILL get a call back! Yesterday I called like 10 times in a row and finally about 30 minutes later I got a call back. The company is growing super fast and they are trying to hire good people to take care of their their customers. The problem is they are going through growing pains at the same time and we the customers are feeling that. WHEN YOU DO get someone on the phone (most likely Ryan?) he will take great care of you! They have always taken great care of me. Just my .02. Keep working with them because when they get some extra people hired and get caught up, they are going to be a great company to deal with! (I mean they already are, but they are hard to get a hold of).

Just got ahold of him, parts ship tomorrow! These guys are legit, your right hang in there with them. They got a good thing going right now. Thanks Ceratac keep up the good work. Ceratac

I hate to jump in and post something but from what I'm seeing this is the way to get a response. i received Order#: 25612 missing most of the upgrade options and add-on options. No BCG which i ordered the upgrade option no "trident" muzzle device which was an add-on, blade didn't come with the corresponding buffer tube with the dimples, no charge handle which I opted for the upgrade. and no response to emails. everything looks good otherwise but I didn't get what I ordered so that doesn't really work

Ceratec getting back to you will dictate if I ever buy anything from them

Hey guys quick question, how do you PM Ceratac from this forum? Thanks.

To PM Ceratac just scroll down this thread until you find a post from Ryan @ Ceratac and click on The Ceratac hyperlink and it should take you to his screen and go from there. I'm just recalling from memory but this should get you close.

I need help. I put together my are with an Anderson lower. I took it to the range today and can't get it to cycle the second round into the chamber!
Symptoms: won't cycle second round, no bolt hold open upon emptying a mag.
Everything else seems fine. I'm going to take another bcg with me tomorrow and see if that fixes things. Any advise would be appreciated though.

Make sure gas tube are aligned correctly with gas block and barrel. I had the same problem with classic carbine kit upper upon first time (this was my first AR15 build, wanted to learn so opt out for having upper assembled).

After taking upper apart, making sure it was aligned (testing with compressed air helped), I dimpled the under side of the gas block also.

Took it to range again, shot 200+ steel crap tulammo and had zero FTF or FTE.

Kit is fantastic for the price.

Thanks for the suggestion! The world part is that I threw in one of my palmetto State armory bcgs and it ran just fine! Is my ceratac bcg out of spec?

Ah, if that is the case then gas tube is probably not the cause.

Agreed I can't get a hold of these dudes

No response to PM and email sent on Thursday 2/15.
Sent PM and email again today.

Got a call from Ceratac within an hour. Issue has been resolved. Thank you, Ryan.

Isn't this the same recycled ad which always claim "lowest price ever"?

Awesome! Thank you

Yeah it's everything but the lower receiver and a mag. You can order the upper receiver assembled. You can find a stripped lower at palmetto State armory for 39$ plus shipping and ffl transfer. Buy a mag assemble lower and your rocking. I've been upgrading mine. Better pistol grip, angled rail grip with mlok side inserts, sling, flashlight, viper anti walk trigger pins, viper mid 1 stock. New sights soon

Anyone know if the upper receiver is finished or at least parkerized? Mine seems matte or flat

I'm pretty sure that if it's black, it's finished. Most if not all metals are a silvery color (unless they are rusted). Especially aluminum (which doesn't really corrode. At least not like steal or iron). So... If it's matte or flat black, then yes, it has some type of finish on it. And the website does say "anodized." Quick google search of "anodized"

coat (a metal, especially aluminum) with a protective oxide layer by an electrolytic process in which the metal forms the anode.

So yes, it is finished.

Okay sorry maybe I'm missing something here but what is the difference between buying the kit and buying a assault rifle... Does that just mean you have to assemble it yourself I've been looking at getting an AR and 250 bucks seems too good to be true what am I missing?

This has ALL the pieces you need EXCEPT the stripped lower. So you need to buy a lower. If you include one of their "80% lowers" you will have to drill out the aluminum material BEFORE you can put it together. With alot of shopping around for a 100% lower receiver, I paid about 298$ for my complete rifle out the door (kit cost + shipping, then the lower cost + shipping + ffl transfer). I did no drilling or anything like that. just put the pins, screws, springs etc... together.

bishop1999m, for 250 you get an ar15 parts kit minus the lower receiver. You have to assemble the parts and put them onto a lower receiver. You can buy an 80% lower from here and do the machining yourself or buy a stripped lower or 80% lower elsewhere and have a complete firearm.

The lower receiver. Won't work without it

Thank you

Dannygoldbach,, the best way to contact Ryan is to PM him from this blog. You might have better results.

I have fired steel cased ammo through mine as well as brass and I don't notice any difference.

Does anyone know if you can shoot steel case ammo through these?

Mine worked with both, no problems

They must be super busy. I've called and emailed haven't heard back.

If it's a .223 Wylde (.223W) you can shoot 5.56 in it. Nothing to worry about.

You're the MAN. Thank you.

Someone who knows more than me, please help me understand. I bought one of these kits and noticed that the barrel is marked as .223. It is advertised as being 5.56, ".223 is ok". Can I shoot 5.56? I can't get a definite answer online by a simple Google search.

The key is .223 wylde. If it's .223 wylde it can shoot both 556 and 223. If it's just .223 it can't shoot 556. If it's 556 it can shoot both. On their website they clearly state the barrel will be either 556 or 223 wylde, so I'm betting that urs is 223 wylde. do a google search of 223 wylde and you'll find out it's better (in my opinion) then getting 556 cause it kinda gives you the best of both world. but don't take my word for it. a 15 minute search on google will tell you what you need to know

Good Stuff

After a year of thinking about it I finally bit the bullet and bought one of the carbine kits. Glad I did. Received it 2-3 days as advertised and had all the parts I needed.

As for customer service, when I first saw ceratac I called them and asked questions about who they were and what they do. I got an answer my first try and the customer service was excellent. More recently they are harder to get a hold of. The reason is because they are super slammed busy. I almost didn't order a kit from them because I was afraid maybe the company had shut down and that's why they weren't answering emails or phone calls. Well I did eventually get a call back, and when I did I again got superb customer service. I wish they would be a little better at getting back to you, but I think the fact that they are so slammed that they don't have time to answer all the calls is indicative of the fact that they have a good product.

Will post again after shooting the rifle.

Helping my brother put together his first AR, talked him into this kit after reading all the reviews. It made it to his house in I think 3 days from ordering. Got the lower done today (bought an Anderson lower separately), will work on the upper next. I think this kit represents a hell of a deal. Cerro Forge upper, 99% sure the barrel is Bear Creek, which would make the chances pretty good the BCG is as well. LPK looks to be good quality, trigger pull heavy but not horrible, basically what you'd expect from any LPK. Charging handle is chinese knockoff of Raptor, should be functional. Handguard feels a little chintzy (slick finish and I’m not a huge fan of the aluminum barrel nut), but will definitely get the job done. Overall I think it would be VERY difficult to impossible to get a better value for your dollar. Get their sight set for 10 bucks to get started (I suggested my brother buy them just to have something to throw on the gun to start until he gets some sort of optic or better fixed sights), throw in a 50 dollar lower, and you have a complete AR ready to fire for about $325 that I have no doubts will run neck and neck with any other entry level AR out there.

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