CERATAC: Barrel 16" Nitride - 5.56 Nato (223 Ok) - $59.99 - Sale Price! (Limited Quantity Available)

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CERATAC: Barrel 16" Nitride - 5.56 Nato (223 Ok) - $59.99 - Sale Price!

.556 Nato (.223 Remington OK)


1lb 12oz

4150 Chrome Molybdenum






M4 Cut

1/2x28 TPI

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Barrels
Brand: Ceratac
MPN: BAR-556-16-N
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It doesn't matter what

It doesn't matter what coating or elemental impregnation is used by this company during the manufacturing process the fact is even parkerizing lasts a very long time when a weapon is properly cleaned and oiled after use. The one question I have when I see a great deal like this is why they and all manufacturers are still putting the step cut for an M203 grenade launcher in the 16" barrel when nobody ever buys and even my fellow Marines and police officers rarely have and use them. The barrel whip that is eliminated by using a medium to heavy barrel in a semiautomatic sniper system, or SASS, would be minimized by eliminating the extra step (and cost) for a company to turn the barrel and remove material for the attachment. That's my opinion anyway.

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While a agree with most of

While a agree with most of what you said above I think there are a few other things to consider when discussing barrel finish and profile. First, finish does matter. It is true that a parkerized barrel can last a long time when properly maintained but how many people actually do this? In my experience very few people actually spend the time and effort to clean and maintain their barrels. With that said, finish is extremely important to inhibit corrosion and Nitrite is a very cost effective method of achieving this result. In addition to the corrosion resistance, Nitrite has the added properties of reducing friction and potentially extending the life of the barrel and preventing increased throat erosion.
Now, moving on to barrel profile. I agree that most people will never utilize the M4 profile to attach an M203 grenade launcher. But the fact is all major barrel manufacturers still produce that profile and they produce a lot of them. That's how we offer this quality barrel at such an amazing price. Wile it may not be ideal it is still pretty darn good and the fact is that theses barrels are capable of achieving accuracy in the sub moa.
Finally, it's not exactly fair to compair this barrel to a SASS type. We have heavier barrels available that are comparable but this barrel does not serve the same purpose. This barrel is for a general purpose carbine. It is designed to be lightweight, reliable, accurate and affordable.
That's my 2 cents.

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