CENTURY ZASTAVA PAP M77 308 WIN 10RD Thumbhole Stock - $550 shipped (make an offer) (Free S/H on Firearms)

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If price is higher, try submitting a price match request if available - In the "Who are we matching?" field write: gun.deals - The brand new Zastava PAP M77 PS has classic AK styling in .308 caliber! The M77 comes with its own 10 rd. mag. and features an adjustable gas system for flawless functioning with many types of ammunition. The cold-forged barrel technology offers excellent accuracy and performance. Key internal components are all machined from solid steel. Mag. capacity: 10 rds. Barrel: 19.7", Overall: 40.55", Weight: 8.6 lbs. Comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty! Not available for sale in NJ, MA, CA, CT, HI, NY or where prohibited by law. Condition: New.
Spare Magazines: MA206 - 10 rds.
.308 WIN
UPC#: 0787450225268
SKU#: RI2063N
Bud's Item Number#: 411553278
Zastava M77 PS Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. .308

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 308/7.62x51mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450225268
MPN: RI2063N
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M14 or .308 Gallil mags can

M14 or .308 Gallil mags can be used with minimal modification, if I recall correctly. Additionally, US made mags for this rifle are in the pipeline this year. I plan on buying one later in the year to supplement my 7.62x39 RPK & AKMs but I'll be using 20 round mags for sure!

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This rifle would be awesome

This rifle would be awesome if not for the slant back receiver

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Planned on buying it then saw

Planned on buying it then saw the BS 10 round mag. No thanks.. Start shipping them with a REASONABLE magazine capacity (20-30 rounds) and I will buy one. Save those 10 round mags for customers that live in Nazi states like CA, MA, NY, Cook County IL, etc...

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3 votes

Yeah, that's the Bush AWB

Yeah, that's the Bush AWB from the 80s that prevents guns in original configs. from coming in. You can buy this gun, put some American parts on it and open up the magwell to take 20 rounds mags if you like tho.

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They come with a 10 round mag

They come with a 10 round mag because that's what they have to be imported with.

It seems some people are unaware that there is an import AWB for long guns. Why do you think these also come with a slant cut receiver and a thumbhole stock?

Even if you live in a "free" state you still have to put up with the atrocious import restriction. The HK USC and SL8 likewise were in similar configurations so that ATF wouldn't rule them "unsporting" and other HK long guns, like HK94, HK93 or HK91, were prohibited from importation because ATF deemed them as "unsporting."

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Your right, i was not aware

Your right, i was not aware of this. I left the states on 17 Dec 2003 and just returned last summer. I am constantly shocked at the rights we have lost and am constantly in shock over how our elected officials have sold our country's future with all these free trade acts.
I guess its ok to import electronics, oil, textiles, shoes, etd ad infinitum, but not firearms. Well not firearms that previously American companies like Springfield, Winchester, and others that used to actually manufacture arms and provide jobs for Americans but now have those guns made in places like Croatia and Turkey to save money. Of course the US is still their #1 customer.
Damn those lawmakers to hell, i hope they burn for what they have done to this country and to the rights of its citizens.

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I am actually pretty liberal

I am actually pretty liberal in a lot of believes, but to be honest I have to agree with you. I am constantly amazed at how willing people are willing to give up their rights so they can have some allusion of safety. Thanks god I live in Oklahoma were the state is determined to protect our gun rights.

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