All the AK platform fun comes to pistol caliber carbines with the Century WASR-M 9mm rifle. This is an AK-style PCC chambered in 9mm, and the best news is that it accepts Glock style magazines. No having to hunt around for unique magazines made out of unobtanium like some other PCCs, no with the WASR-M 9mm from Century you can use your existing Glock 9mm magazines. The WASR-M 9mm carbine accepts all Glock generation magazines, and includes one 33 round big stick with the purchase. This is the perfect gun for reenacting Red Dawn on a PCC budget, or for just blasting at the local range.
- Caliber: 9mm
- Magazines: Glock style, includes one 33 round magazine
- Sights: Adjustable AK rear, fixed front post
- Furniture: Polymer
- Barrel: 16 inches
The 16 inch barrel maximizes 9mm performance, giving you the best muzzle velocity possible from the pistol cartridge. Upgrade the handguard, the stock, put optics on, make this the ultimate 9mm AK. And you can do all this without breaking the bank, thanks to the Century WASR 9mm's reasonable price point. It's a fact: AKs are fun, and so are pistol caliber carbines. Time to max out the fun with the WASR-M 9mm.
Century International Arms built its name over 50 years ago by offering surplus products and importing high quality AK47 style rifles such as the WASR-10 and the AK630DS and decided to capitalize on the popularization of the AK47 in America by designing and building their own rifles from the ground up. Century International Arms believes in providing the best possible product to American gun collectors, hunters, target shooters, and military/Law enforcement officers with state of the art manufacturing processes and will continue to create jobs in the United States of America.
Barrel Coating: Blued
Barrel Length: 16.25
Barrel Material: 41V50 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
Brand: Century International Arms
Caliber Gauge: 9mm Luger
Muzzle DeviceSlant Brake
Thread Pattern: 14 X 1 LH
MPN#: RI4312-N

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this firearm makes zero sense to me... Its god awful ugly. 9mm out of a 16"+ barrel sucks ballistically. You get terrible range from a rifle fired 9mm. All just adds up to an abomination in my personal opinion. While I respect others personal opinions, please respect mine. As they say, "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, some just stink more than others" hahaha

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Agree it’s heinous. But how does more velocity and better accuracy suck? Shoot a PCC match that has a spinner at 25 yards and you’ll quickly wish you had a 16” barrel.

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