50x magnification
127mm objective lens
5-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain optical design
StarBright XLT coatings
25 mm (50x) eyepiece
45-degree erect image diagonal
6x30 erect image finderscope
Water-resistant soft-sided case

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I saw this thing on sale much cheaper. It was at radio shack in Detroit, in 1987. They only wanted $199, or the equivalent in cartons of name brand cigarettes.

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Mounted up perfectly on my model 700 300 ultra mag. The scope base was a exact fit, but I would suggest Using JB weld fir a lock tight install as this bad boy is quite heavy. I was really surprised it was spot on first shot I didn’t even have to make a fine adjust. This won’t disappoint as I’ve taking shots out as far as 8,000 yards.

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Now to try to find a way to place targets on the moon.

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