#550 Small Pistol Magnum Primers 5,000/Case
Quantity: 5000
Size: Small Pistol Magnum
These are the “bread-and-butter” of reloading, the most commonly called-for primers in reloading recipes. CCI standard primers are remarkably clean-burning, leaving primer pockets cleaner and extending the time between pocket cleaning. That’s a huge benefit for progressive reloaders. They are more sensitive and easier to seat than older CCI primers, and engineered for smooth feeding in automated equipment.
- Clean-burning initiator compound
- Larger “sweet spot” for guns that produce off-center strikes
- Easier to seat than ever before
- Improved sensitivity for “critical-need” loading
1911, Issue:11, Page:070
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:545
Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:117
MPN#: 0018CASE

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I guess whoever writes these deals forgot that Brownell's charges a "Shipping Restriction Charge" of $19.95 aka Haz Mat.

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