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Protect your firearms and other treasured valuables with the Cannon Safe Valley Forge Series 42-Gun Safe. Equipped with an easy-access electronic lock protected by a triple hard plate, four 4-inch locking bolts and Tru-Lock internal hinges in the door, this safe defends against prying and drilling attacks, while the 45-minute fire rating and triple-fin smoke seal provide extra safeguards in the event of a fire. Four shelves and a door organization help you keep smaller valuables organized.

Features and Benefits

California Department of Justice approved
14 gauge steel housing for durability
12 gauge steel door with Tru-Lock internal hinges uses four 4-inch locking bolts to protect the bolts from prying
UL-listed electronic lock with a protective triple hard plate that defends against drilling
Triple-fin smoke seal expands to help prevent damage from exposure to smoke in the event of a fire
Upholstered interior adds an attractive look
4 adjustable shelves and an organizational panel on the door provide additional storage capacity
3-spoke chrome handle
Predrilled mounting holes make it easy to anchor the safe in place (requires hardware, not included)

Lock: Electronic
Exterior material: 14 gauge steel
External width (in.): 36
External depth (in.): 20
External height (in.): 59
Batteries Required: Yes
Battery Type: 9V
Number of Batteries: 1
Batteries Included: Yes
Manufacturer warranty - general: Lifetime limited
Manufacturer warranty - parts: Lifetime limited
Manufacturer warranty - labor: 1 year
Product weight (lb.): 450
Shelf depth (in.): 12-3/4
Capacity: 42 guns
Fire protection rating: 45 minutes
Shelf width (in.): 33-9/10
Internal height (in.): 56-3/4
Internal width (in.): 34-4/10
Internal depth (in.): 14-1/4
What's in the Box

Door organizer kit
Cannon Safe Valley Forge Series 42-Gun Safe
Owner's manual
9-volt battery

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Comments and Reviews (27)

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This safe is better than soft cases under your bed, baby steps. It will stop a snatch and grab robbery.

REAL GUN **SAFES** *START* OFF AT ABOUT $2,200 -- When you are dealing with -11-12-14- gauge metal some one could breech it with an axe and can opener in no time. Keep putting your pennies in your piggy bank and save up for a Amsec

LOL LOL LOL LOL **Safe** with a 14 gauge shell and 12 gauge door lmao.

The safes at Tractor Supply (TS) are larger & a much better value, especially as they're regularly on sale for around $550 (+/- $50). The TS safes are wider (42" wide) and deeper (24" deep) and have a center divider with adjustable shelf inserts for both sides so you're ARs/MSRs won't fall over. Academy's single shelf is so tall that many 16" or less ARs/MSRs will fall over as the barrel can't reach the shelf. Also, IIRC, the last Cannon safe I bought at TS had a fire-rating of 1,400°F for a full 60-min. Some safes list max temp/time but are only tested at max temp for portion of their published "rated time". EX: it may take a mfr 15 minutes to get the testing area up to 1,400°F and that 15-min is counted towards the total time of 45-min. So, the safe in question is really only exposed to 1,400°F for 30 of the proclaimed 45-minutes. It's a shady practice and varies from one mfr and/or model to the next so do your research. I called and requested a copy of the certification testing methods. At the time, Cannon posted them online. Just remeber, the testing methods vary from one model to the next for many manufacturers.

If you're worried about fire exposure, do what I did and place several fire extinguishers on top of your safe. The extinguishers will explode (explode as in really F'n dangerous explosion) when they get too hot and will, hopefully, buy the safe's contents some more time. I place extinguisher above my safes, powder, primers, and fuel containers.

got my 64 gun safe there for 799.99. love it

lol lol at gun safe. 14 gauge shell ??? lol lol lol lol lol

I checked out the Canons at Tractor Supply, and was disappointed. Also, Tractor Supply charges shipping for safes not in stock at the store (i.e. anything on their website) even if you pick it up at the store. I called their corporate office, and they confirmed they charge the same shipping amount whether u pick it up in store or have it delivered. Told them Home Depot and other retailers don't charge for in store pickup, and their response was there was no way around it, and if I should buy from somewhere else if I didn't want to pay shipping. So that's what I did, and I will NEVER go back to TSC

14ga lol.

Isn't that the same as a Stack-On gun 'cabinet'??? And they often come in with ding/dents on them. No wonder this is only $550.

probably -- 14 GAUGE SHELL *what a joke**

checked out this safe last time they ran the special. For the money, there's better out there. No top or right side bolts at all. A Stack On would be an upgrade....

AND there's no pay online pickup in store - they always add in shipping even if you have a local Academy.

don't waste your money.

Costco has nearly the same one, Executive series instead of Valley Forge, with almost the same dimensions and a 60min fire rating, on clearance in store for $399. It's a little heavier than this one, 490 lbs, and 60in height. Width and depth dimensions are the same. I just bought it yesterday here in Central FL. Had 8 in stock in the area.

Post a link or model number.

what costco? i live in orlando here by ucf looking to pick it up. thanks

On the comments about EMP, Don't worry about it with a 14 gauge steel housing for *durability* 12 gauge steel door, You would prob. be able to breech it with a can opener. IMHO to get a decent safe with real steel / lock / fire rating / door seal etc. you would be in the 2K range, but if you want this one or buy it I wish you all the best with it really, for this price its fair for what you get. Peace

It also pays to research how and where safes should be installed.

Bolted down solid to concrete with no access to the sides, top, or back is far better than 'sittin out in the garage next to the fridge'.

I always get a kick out of Manufacturers advertising how secure their safes are by providing us with a demonstration of someone trying to break in through the safe's door.

It's far easier to go through the top, sides or rear than the door,,,,.

In many cases, It's easier still to take the whole safe than it is to fiddle fart around trying to open/unload it 'onsite',,,

But, like anything else, if they really want it, they'll get it,,,

I read where someone had a 'high dollar' / heavy safe stolen,, Empty weight of the safe alone was 1700 lbs,,, Didn't matter,,, Safe (and all it's contents) were gone.

"EMP" key. Kim key?

Does it have a backup key?

It is a good deal until you add in shipping. I live in Ohio, and none are close to me. I'll buy one from Home Depot I guess...

It says free shipping over $50?

Tractor supply has the same brand and are priced good

$700 now at tractor supply.

Shipping is typically that much for larger safes. Also know that is the price for dropping at your front door or garage. It's extra to have it brought into house... This is also pretty standard from my experience as well.

Shipping $199

That's pretty darn cheap for something that weighs a 1/4 ton!

Pick up in store, No shipping charge

maybe some people do not have a Academy Sports in their state . May it is way to far to drive to if they do have one in their state.

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