Cannon Safe, 64 Gun Capacity - $652.59 + $99.97 freight shipping or free store pickup

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Keep your valuables protected with Cannon's limited edition brass ascent safe. Perfect for any home, this safe provides the perfect mix of luxury and security.

Cannon Safe, 64 Gun Capacity:
Limited edition brass keypad
Brass spokes
30 minute fire rating
64 gun capacity
6 locking bolts
Triple hard plate for anti-drill protection
4" locking bolts
Power supply media box
Triple fin door seal for smoke protection
Tru lock internal hinges for anti-pry attack

Material Steel
Brand Cannon
Model: WM64HD-H1TEB-17
Manufacturer Part Number: WM64HD-H1TEB-16
#SKU: 557011433

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Safes & Storage
Brand: Cannon
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Have you people seen what

Have you people seen what firearms look like in a fancy safe after a house fire? They are completely ruined from heat and smoke. Your 6k dollar pressure smoker makes them just as useless as putting them in a closet for them to burn up.

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The simple fact that it's 64

The simple fact that it's 64 gun and 500 lbs alone is a bad indicator. They don't even give a temperature rating and no mention of steel content. Add it up and it means the fire rating is useless and your typical ax will break through it in minutes. Better off either saving money and buying a security cabinet (like the Stack-on stuff) and a dedicated fire-rated box (Sentry), or wait it out and buy something proper if you're genuinely looking for a safe.

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Id love to see the video

Id love to see the video where you try and get into this safe with an axe. Prove me wrong in thinking youre just another mouthy D.A. with an opinion. I bet its more solid than you want to admit. Also, how often does your house burn down, and just how often do you have people breaking in? Sounds like you need a lesson on fire safety and security.

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An ax is the number one

An ax is the number one successful tool used on a safe (not counting power tools). All these mainstream manufacturers harp on how great the door is and they leave the safe bodies behind at sub par. 11 gauge you'll need a fire ax, anything thinner, a standard ax will chop right on through. At the 500 lbs mark, we can surmise it's going to be really thin. The internet is your friend, how these kinds of safes are disabled is amusing.

Bonus, check out Sturdy safes. Not making a marketing pitch, but those guys have great info on proper safe construction and how to do it right. I went down this route awhile ago and am a bit agitated at the marketing fluff and complete lack of standards the safe industry has.

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You don't buy a safe for the

You don't buy a safe for the when people don't break in or the house don't burn down.. You need it for those rare times when those things do happen.

If all you need is to keep guests out a locker will do at a fraction of the cost.

There are youtube video's of cheap safes being busted open in about 3-5mins.. Im not sure how sturdy this safe is but some of these safes are deceptively weak.

Having said that a thief may not even bother with it if it's an impulse crime where they don't already know about the safe and it's a target.

But If im gonna spend 700 I want it to be damn tough.. and if that means I have to spend another 3-500 so be it.. Im already 700 deep why buy sub-par?

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I would research videos

I would research videos comparing actual steel doors and walls to composite ones I do that where it counts I see people saying "I've owned x amount of x brand safes and they have all been good" have you ever had your house burnt down? Someone ever try breaking into said safe? Have you ever had guns rust in said safe has the tumbler ever break or jam leaving you with an (permanent) closed door? Well I have had more the one of those things happen to me and will never ever in my life spend another penny on composite off shore crap again. On a side note whatever you buy just be aware that the fire ratiing in more like a suggestion..... 45 mins was more like 17..... Yea...

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I have one of these from when

I have one of these from when they were sold at Dunham's. You can't beat it for the price. Sure, you can "Save up for Liberty or Fort Knox", but you'll be saving 3 to 4 times longer.

Having a B- safe in the home now, is better than having an A+ safe six months from now.

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Garbage safes built overseas.

Garbage safes built overseas. Save your money and get a Liberty or Fort Knox.

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I own a Cannon safe and am in

I own a Cannon safe and am in the market for a larger one. It appears you know something I don't about Cannon safes. Would you care to enlighten me as to why I should avoid this one?

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Cannon makes many different

Cannon makes many different lines of safes. This one was built for walmart, it doesn't even show on cannons website. It doesn't have the normal high quality interior you would expect a cannon to have, the fire rating isn't as high, and the steel is thinner. It is a 64 gun safe that only weighs 500 pounds. For reference that is what my 36 gun stackon weighs and it isn't even a super nice safe, just a decent one. Making different cheaper versions of products for big stores like walmart is common practice. Vizio, sony, and kicker just to name a few brands that also do this.

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I suspected this when I came

I suspected this when I came in, but can you give me a quick run down as to why they're garbage?

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I have neither store pick up

I have neither store pick up or delivery options.

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Just purchased. No store

Just purchased. No store delivery. Only home delivery

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Because they are drop shipped

Because they are drop shipped from the distributor/factory. I have one and have been very happy with it. For the price, its a fair deal...better than being locked in a closet. With small children that was not an option for me.

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