Canik 55 Stingray-C 9mm Para 3.5" barrel 13 Rnds - $319.95 + S/H

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This is a CAI Canik 55 Stingray-C 9mm semi automatic handgun with a 3.6 inch black barrel. This gun features double and single action,with a safety allowing for cocked and locked carry, cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, white dot sights, a black finish steel frame with an ambidextrous thumb safety and slide stop, accessory rail, and loaded chamber indicator. Comes in case with two magazines (which may be either 13rd or 15rd since mag base plate size may vary), cleaning rod, and brush. MFG part# HG2024-N. New.


Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450079878
MPN: HG2024-N
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Slauterhause's picture

Can someone who owns both

Can someone who owns both give me a comparison between this and the EAA SAR B6P? I understand this is a carry model with a shorter barrel, but they look very similar. I have the SAR, and like it very much.

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CHF chrome lined barrel?

CHF chrome lined barrel? Shit, these are actually pretty nice.

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I have had my Stringray-c for

I have had my Stringray-c for over 2 years. It is one of the best built pistols I have ever held. The lockup is perfect. Like a custom fitted handgun. The trigger pull is right on that sweet spot for a conceal carry gun. Not too light not too heavy. It fills my hand perfectly. Recoil is imperceptible due to the all metal frame. I have never had a malfunction of ANY kind. The Stingray will eat that cheap metal Tula garbage no problem, just like my glock.
Speaking of glock, after getting familiarized with my Stingray I was wondering why someone didn't just get a CZ clone like the Stingray. What was the point in making a new hand gun when these did the job and did it well.
The only possible negative to the pistol would be the weight. But the weight is a positive too in recoil reduction.
If you are looking for a sub $300 handgun for either range shooting, conceal carry or home defense then this may be the gun for you. There are at LEAST a dozen good guns that fit the bill and this is a great candidate.

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BeritOlam's picture

I have a Baby Eagle (Desert

I have a Baby Eagle (Desert Research). And I've shot this bad boy CZ clone....and it's a nice little pistol for under $350. Considering I paid nearly $150 more for my Baby Eagle, I think Canik is giving you good value for a significant discount. Shoots very nice! I've shot worse guns that cost $50-100 more. The Baby Eagle is still a better pistol IMHO...but this is definitely a player for the person that doesn't want to pony up money for the more established CZs and CZ clones.

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This has been $319 plus

This has been $319 plus shipping for a long time. and shipping is $28 last I checked...

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Got my Stingray in all black

Got my Stingray in all black yesterday from Classic, wow, really wow, impressed with fit finish and overall quality for a gun of any price but unbelievable for $319.99. I already had a set of CZ P01 Rubber grips ordered from Midway waiting for it to arrive, so I swapped them while my Dealer was doing the FFL dance. Very very happy with my purchase and expect years of range service out of this all steel clone of the P01 that adds ambi controls and swaps the decocker for a thumb safety.

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I own this in chrome. It is

I own this in chrome. It is my concealed carry weapon and I carry it every day. It is is not a light gun but the plus side to that is it is very sturdy and solid steal. It is made in a factory with iso-9000 standards and is extremely reliable. I would and do bet my life on this gun. So much so it has replaced my glock. It is very accurate strait out of the box. In over 2000 rounds it has been flawless. This is a clone the Cz-01. Also it has a steal guide rod unlike some CZ models.

I use to want a Cz but after I got this I am a big advocate for Cannik 55. So worth the money I will be purchasing another one once payday comes. Great gun for the money.

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Oppps I double posted

Oppps I double posted

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this is a nice pistol but if

this is a nice pistol but if you are in the market for a budget cz75 clone, centerfire systems has polymer framed EAA winesses for $299 and if you can find them, you can get a SAR B6P (they make a compact too) for far less ive seen them as low as 250-280 ... all of these will make nice guns to own.

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I carried a Service (4"

I carried a Service (4" barrel) XD 9mm for a long time, and was very pleased with it. Spoiled by it, in fact. But I was - very pleasantly - surprised by the quality of workmanship of my new Stingray, which is now my everyday-carry weapon. It "fits" my average-sized hands even better than the XD. And the Stingray just looks good! LOL It's a heck of a value for that price range.

It eats any ammo I feed it, without a burp, and is amazingly accurate. The trigger pull is slightly heavier than the XD's, but the pull is very clean with a smooth break. The Stingray weighs 40 ounces (2lb-10oz) fully loaded, and is nicely balanced, so recoil is almost nonexistent with any ammo short of +P+

It's a heavy critter, so I got an IWB holster, and have not had any embarrassing moments yet. I carry "cocked and locked."

The Stingray's sights (which are fully adjustable - although they came out of the box perfectly dead-on) are certainly functional, but the dots are smaller than - and not as bright as - the XD's dots.

It came with only two magazines in the box, but the CZ Compact's mags are interchangeable and affordable, so I've already ordered a couple more. The mags are described in the owners' manual as 13-round, but they actually (and easily) hold 14 rounds. Why the discrepancy, I don't know.

Take-down and cleaning is simple and quick, and thankfully intuitive, since the manual's pictures are tiny. By the way, that manual is a hoot to read! Yeah, it was translated into English, but not by a college professor...

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I ordered one of these when

I ordered one of these when J&G first got them in a bit over a week ago and finally had a chance to shoot it and figured I'd throw in my $.02.

J&G's shipping was very very fast. My FFL information was sent to them the evening after I ordered it, I received shipping notification the next morning, and 2 days after that it was at my FFL. Very satisfied with that.

As far as the gun itself, I'll start with my complaints: the dots on the sights are fairly small (though I might just be spoiled by the sights on my PPS now) but fully adjustable, the loaded-chamber-indicator looks very cheap, and the DA trigger pull is very heavy, though smooth, and the safety was very stiff at first, but has broken in after manipulating it on and off through an episode of mythbusters/

On to the positives, and a quick comparison to my CZ P-07, the matte stainless finish is very nice, the gun looks very nice in person. It's all steel so the recoil is very, very manageable in 9mm. The single-action pull is still a bit on the heavier side compared to my other handguns, but the break is very clean and I enjoyed shooting this more than my P-07 when I took them to the range this week. My groups were tighter with the Stingray, too. Slide to frame fit is excellent and racking the slide is very, very smooth. Feels like a much more expensive handgun, and I really enjoy shooting it. If I could only keep one between this and my CZ, I would have a tough time choosing the CZ over the Stingray, honestly. Yes, I realize this is closer to the P-01 than the P-07, but the P-07 is what I have to compare it to.

Magazines for the Stingray fit and work in the P-07, but not vice versa.

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mgosr's picture

Is the matte stainless finish

Is the matte stainless finish actually stainless with a matte finish, or a Cera/Dura coat type of finish that seems to be used on the rest of the Canik lineup?

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The P-07 is a drastically

The P-07 is a drastically different pistol than the Stingray, so I wouldn't compare the two. The P-01 has an alloy frame, and the Stingray has a steel frame, which also makes those not optimal comparisons. The Stingray would best be compared with a CZ 75 Compact, which is all steel.

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Yes, I am very well aware of

Yes, I am very well aware of that, but like I said, I don't have a P-01 (or a 75 Compact) to compare it to; I have a P-07. And yes, the P-07 is different, but as the 9mm CZ closest in price to the Caniks that I know of, and considering their fairly similar dimensions (pretty spot-on except the P-07 is a bit fatter, with an ever-so-slightly shorter grip), I thought it fairly natural for these to be cross-shopped/compared, so I thought it might be useful to others to provide my honest, personal experience with them since there isn't too vast of a knowledge base out there yet for these handguns. If you would like to provide me with a P-01 and/or 75 Compact to compare them to, I will gladly rewrite my comment to reflect my new opinion. ;)

As far as the P-01 not being an appropriate comparison, it is still the closest CZ in terms of aesthetics/ergonomics, alloy frame aside. Canik also makes the C-100 that is visually a copy of the 75 Compact (though interestingly this one has an alloy frame, like the P-01), so if the Compact was what someone wanted, they would IMO be more likely to go with the C-100.. At least in my case the frame and slide design matching the P-01's was more important than the frame material, though I don't plan on carrying this gun so the added weight wasn't a negative consideration for me.

Anyway, like I said, I compared it to what I have available to me to try to share my thoughts and experience with the firearm, which is better in my opinion than just saying "this gun's great!" or "this gun sucks!" or "you can't compare those guns", and more useful to someone considering a purchase than not writing anything because I don't have the 'right gun' to compare it to. *shrugs*

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This looks like a CZ P-01

This looks like a CZ P-01 clone.

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