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The new TP9SA is a 9mm single action, striker fired pistol. The TP9SA is the next evolution of the popular TP series pistol. With a new trigger and frame assembly, the TP9SA has been redefined for the American shooter. The TP9SA features a striker decocker that allows for safer disassembly as the trigger does not need to be engaged to field strip the pistol. This feature gives the operator added reassurance of a safe platform. The added safety feature of not engaging the trigger is a huge benefit for the civilian and law enforcement market.

The new frame design of the TP9SA contains several upgrades inspired by the feedback of military and law enforcement. The grip panels and front and rear grip have two different stippling styles to fully engage the shooters hand under any adverse condition. A longer trigger guard enables the operator to use the TP9SA while wearing hand protection. The grip design allows a slimmer feel while still containing an 18+1 capacity in 9mm.
Comes with two 18 round magazines.

Action Type: Striker Fired
Barrel Length: 4.47"
Capacity: 18+1-Round
Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
Finish: Black
Front Sight: 3-Dot
Magazine Included: 2 x 18-Round
Magazine Type: Removable
Rear Sight: 3-Dot

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I have this gun and like it. But would never consider it better than a Glock or M&P for self defense. As far as buying Muslim made guns, I don't think keeping a Muslim poor will help much, since they have been poor ever since Muhammad started the religion. Hearing the truth about Islam will be the only way to convert them.

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I have had a TP9SA for about 5 years now. I also have 2 M&P 9mm (incl a 2.0). I think the Canik is a better shooter. Probably 2000 rounds through it and had one FTE (and it was a reload). Just my opinion.

0 votes
0 votes

That's the most awesome and pragmatic thought process I've heard. I'm both a patriot and a Christian and I agree. I however have a glocks and this canik and I have to admit in my limited experience I think I like this gun better, I know I shoot it better....

0 votes
0 votes

You have this model? Are you happy with it? Is it reliable? Do you enjoy it? I'm seriously considering it. Do you think it's worth it? Is this the gun that's a CZ 75 clone? Just curious on your thoughts.

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0 votes

No, this isn't a cz clone it's a walther p99 clone. I follow canik on you tube and read anything I come across on them. Idk if they have come right out and admitted that but it's impossible to deny. In my experience of owning glocks for nearly twenty years and this gun for around three I must admit this gun has been more reliable than my glocks with certain hard primered cheap ammo and crappy underpowered remanufactured ammo which is mostly what I shoot since I spend a lot of money on ammo. It is my least expensive gun but my favorite to shoot. Phenomenol value, best striker fired handgun trigger I have come across. Do yourself a favor and try to find a bad review on these. I don't see how you can go wrong for the money. I have a few other models on my wish list tbh...

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Erdogan is calling for a muslim caliphate, persecuting Christians, and helping muslims flood Europe. Purchasing this weapon right now would be like our grandparents buying German guns during WW2. Please put your conscious before your desires.

1 vote
1 vote

Can't beat this pistol for the money.

2 votes
1 vote

Don't support pro Muslim terrorist state made products! Don't forget 911!!!! Turkey is a two headed snake! They trying to aquire America F35 and Russian S400 at the same time! If one don't buy their shit and they shit behavior cannot possible last! We should petition Trump adminstration to ban all Turkish arms sale in USA!

5 votes
2 votes

Piss off

1 vote
2 votes

I agree with you, this is nonsense.

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0 votes

This is the part number (HG3277N) for the Gen 1 pistol Gen 2 part number is HG4542N.

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Can we assume this is the GEN1 TP9SA? Or could it be the GEN2, at this price the GEN2 would be a smoking deal. ;)

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0 votes

Don’t buy anything from Turkey, they have a radical Muslim Government that is currently persecuting and imprisoning Christians in Turkey.

7 votes
4 votes

A good gun is a good gun. It performs better than nearly any American made firearm. Turkey makes great firearms because they are at war, and historically have been longer than every other country but 1.

0 votes
4 votes
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