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Load your AR magazines in seconds with the Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger. Designed to accept 50 rounds of .223, 5.56 or .204 from any common 50-round ammo manufacturer box or from aftermarket 50-round plastic storage boxes. Simply align bullet tips and dump ammo into the Mag Charger, which is automatically arranged without touching a round. Once filled, insert any AR magazine into the Mag Charger as you would into a rifle. Stoke the plunger back and forth, loading five rounds per stroke as the spring-loaded ammo carrier advances to the next five rounds until magazine is fully loaded. The entire process of filling the Mag Charger and loading all 50 rounds into two magazines takes less than 15 seconds. Ammo Transfer Tray is included to invert ammo that is positioned in ammo boxes with the bullet tips oriented down or to stage bulk ammo for dumping into Mag Charger. Imported.
Item number#: IK-231749
SKU#: 397488 ($39.99)
UPC#: 661120974888 ($39.99)

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I bought one of these for over $50 last year.. At $23 I guess Im christmas shopping early..

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This was on sale through an unknown to me company about 6mo ago for $20 shipped.

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Bogus Deal! It was "Dunn's Sporting Goods". I ordered this for $20 and they charged my credit card and then a week later said they were out of stock. Took another week to get my refund.

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0 votes

Same thing happened to me and then about a month later someone from Dunn’s called me to apologize and see if I still wanted it since they got it back in stock. Ended up getting it for the $20 shipped price.

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Yup, 'Dunn's' did it to me also.

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Yea, me too!

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It works well just remember you have to load the ammo box then use that to load the Mag Charger. If you reload your own ammunition then you will be loading the ammo box anyway. If you buy bulk might as well just get a Butler Creek Lula Loader. They are fantastic for loading AR magazines. I have all the AR Magazines, including this one, except the bench loader and the Butler Creek Lula Loader is my favorite for bulk ammunition.

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0 votes

Im in the market for a loader.. and I've looked at this one and the striplula.

The striplula looks like it would be easier to travel with and nearly as fast and also about half the cost..

which one would you recommend? if you have a strip lula do you really need this loader?

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0 votes

Striplula works well with loose and rounds on stripper clips. I also like the M-16 / AR-15 LULA. Once the striplula loader is loaded you push down on the flip lever which then is like a T.Striplula loads 10 rounds or less at a time and M-16 / AR-15 LULA you put one at a time. I can load 30 rounds with each just as fast or maybe just slightly faster with the M-16 / AR-15 LULA. My preference is a slight edge with the M-16 / AR-15 LULA, but it doesn't load stripper clips, but both work very well. The M-16 / AR-15 LULA can also be used to unload a magazine and saves your finger. Like I said the Caldwell works but there is a extra step and the plastic probably won't hold up as well as the Maglula products. If you get the Caldwell you will need to get extra ammunition storage boxes and load them then use them to load the Caldwell. The Striplula will be slimmer then the M-16 / AR-15 LULA so if space is a problem go for the Striplulla. both Maglula's work very well but I would give the edge to the M-16 / AR-15 LULA. Search youtube for video's of each in use and make your choice but you won't go wrong with either.

You only need one or the other but the Cadwell will be quite a bit larger. I bought them all just to see which I liked the best. Like I said I would give a slight edge to the M-16 / AR-15 LULA. as it can load and unload a magazine. If space is a issue the Striplula would be the way to go. it is longer then the M-16 / AR-15 LULA.but not as fat.

If you would like to see a side by side comparison for size I could probably dig them out and send some pictures but like I said the Caldwell is very big compared to the Maglula's. plus you have to carry extra ammunition storage boxes which would also increase the size of what you would be carrying. And the Caldwell would not hold up to crushing or any type of abuse as it's made from plastic and the Maglula's are polymers.

1 vote
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