Cabela's After Christmas Clearance Flyer (Dec 26th - Jan 18th)

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Description: Cabela's Sale Flyer (Dec 26th - Jan 18th) - The ad is clickable!

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Cabela's offers free in-store pickup on most items.

Cabela's Filler Item - 99 cents Cabela's Filler Item

Cabela's Store Locator

$3.99 Clothing FILLER

$4.88 Clothing Filler

Coupon Code: 17GEAR49
Free S/H over $49 On Clothing and Footwear
Expiration date: 2017-11-08 23:59:59
Coupon Code: 57MEM
Free S/H over $99 (Excludes Firearms)
Expiration date: 2017-05-26 23:59:59


Exactly, you can save tons at

Exactly, you can save tons at Cabelas. You just have to put in a little work to make it so.

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Yeah unfortunately Cabelas

Yeah unfortunately Cabelas has started taking steps to prevent deals from being to good. The other day I noticed that they had reloading bullets on sale. I had a code for 20% off if you spend over $100.00 so I got online and tried to order 120.00 worth of bullets. The code would not work. When i contacted customer support they informed me the code would not work on any sale items. I was disappointed. Oh well.

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You have to put in some work

You have to put in some work to get a deal at Cabelas but it is very possible. You're right you can't just walk in and buy it and expect it to be the cheapest place. However, going a few times, getting to know the firearms people, researching ways to save money at Cabelas on here, items with big cash back on next purchase, 20 off 150s etc, plus the lack of transfer fee can all add up to great deals if you put in the time. Especially if you have a relatively large and competitive store nearby to price match.

Nothing really impressive to me on this flyer though. Maybe next time they will read my mind better

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A smart idea is to buy

A smart idea is to buy Cabela's $100 gift cards online for $80/each on ebay (when they're on sale). Then use them on discounted items. This can sometimes get you 30-50% off.

For example, at some point last year Cabela's had 9mm on sale for about $11.50/box of 50. At the same time, they offered a promo code for an extra 10% off plus free shipping on $100 or more, and it worked on ammo. So if you bought 10 boxes using the promo and a $100 gift card that you previously purchased for $80, then you'd pay roughly $8/box (0.16/round) shipped.

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I've done similar but had

I've done similar but had free local pickup and sales tax. This is usually the only way Cabela's is a deal for me.

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Often times you can find

Often times you can find deals on their gift cards, such as $85 for a $100 card. If you plan on buying a big ticket item (such as a safe, gun, etc.) doing this, in conjunction with waiting for the item to go on sale, can save you a chunk of change.

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I like Cabelas as a store,

I like Cabelas as a store, but just like Bass Pro and other large stores they over charge for their guns. It is a sad deal when their sale prices are most others normal prices. Typically l I notice that the normal price is somewhere between $65.00 to $150.00 more than the average price other places. Cabelas is never a deal on guns.

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There firearm prices are

There firearm prices are high.They low ball you if you want to trade in your firearm.

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Just like a car dealership.

Just like a car dealership. You're always better off with a private party sale.

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I have the strangest feeling

I have the strangest feeling that if these deals were worth it, cabela's would be putting the price in the forefront rather than how much they claim to be saving you.

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