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Hornady's innovative LEVERevolution® ammunition is reviving interests in lever-action rifles around the world, and Cabela's is pleased to be able to equip these firearms with scopes specifically tailored for use with these cartridges. LEVERevolution incorporates a Flex Tip™-technology bullet that permits the safe use of hard-hitting, pointed bullets in tubular-magazine-fed lever guns. Bullets with improved ballistic coefficients teamed with a propellant that delivers up to 40% more energy, as well as premium brass and primers, turn calibers traditionally thought to be 100-yd. brush guns into accurate long-range performers. These scopes are outfitted with Ballistic Glass Reticles specifically engineered for use with a particular Hornady LEVERevolution round. An extra-long eye relief facilitates mounting on traditional lever-action rifles. All you need to do is sight in the main reticle for 100 yds. and then use the 200- and 300-yd. hold-over horizontal lines to hold dead-on at those ranges. For the .44 Mag., simply sight the main reticle in at 50 yds, and then use the 100- and 150-yd horizontal lines to hold dead-on at those ranges. Combining our scopes with LEVERevolution ammo turns your .30-30, .45-70 or .44 Mag. into a big-game rifle capable of efficiently harvesting game out to 300 yds with proper practice. The scopes have been updated with a streamlined design and enhanced optics for brighter images, more accurate colors, higher resolution and uniform edge-to-edge clarity. Other benefits include improved low-light performance, more comfortable viewing and fast target acquisition. Waterproof, shockproof and fogproof with high-quality, multicoated lenses and 1/4-MOA click-adjustments for windage and elevation. Tubes are rugged 1" machined-aluminum. Models available for use with LEVERevolution ammunition in .45-70 (modern rifles only) using a 325-gr. bullet, .30-30 Winchester using a 160-gr. bullet and .44 Mag. using a 225-gr. bullet.
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