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Need a cleaning kit, but don't want all the extra pieces for firearms you don't own? Cabela's Caliber-Specific Cleaning Kit has the tools and accessories you need to keep the firearms you own in pristine condition without extra brushes and components you'll never use. Each pistol, rifle and shotgun kit includes a hybrid multifunction handle, 25 cleaning patches and a six-piece bit set (two Phillips screwdriver heads, two flat heads and one hex head) as well as a caliber-specific brush, mop and slot tip. Pistol-cleaning kits include two brass rods and a caliber-specific solid-brass jag. Rifle and shotgun kits include a 33" pull rod. Modern gun-cleaning kit contains a hybrid multifunction handle, a 33" pull rod, a 3" brass rod for attaching the breech brush to the handle, a .22-caliber rifle brush, a .22-caliber rifle mop, a .22-caliber slot tip, a .223-caliber breech brush, 25 cleaning patches, a double-ended nylon utility brush, a double-ended metal pick/scraper, a 1/4" steel/brass punch pin, six-piece bit set – three star (T10/T15/T20), two hex heads (3/32" and 7/64"), one flat head (3/32") – and instructions. 

Item number#: IK-231386

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"Modern Gun" kit for .223/5.56 does not show on their website.

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Picked up the .223/5.56 and the 9mm for $16.98 delivered. There was tax because they have a store in my state.

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