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Keep you guns and other valuable items safely locked inside Cabela's® 18-Gun Cabinet, and enjoy a little extra peace of mind. This strong, sturdy and generously sized gun locker (55"L x 21"W x 18"D) has the capacity to fit up to 18 guns. The 18-gauge steel body and door are enough to keep your guns stowed away and out of the wrong hands. The 3-point locking system adds extra resistance and strength to the door. Design your own internal gun storage with the included cabinet accessories: 4 gun racks, 3 adjustable shelves, and 1 full-length shelf. Key lock with back-up keys. Cabela's 18-Gun locker is a great choice for the safety conscious gun owner. Fits up to 46'' Firearms. Weight: 100lbs.

Generously sized gun locker
Fits up to 18 guns
Fits up to 46'' firearms
18-gauge steel body and door
3-point locking system
Includes 4 gun racks, 3 adjustable shelves, and 1 full-length shelf
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This is really stupid. Why would you pay $150 to ship a $200 item? You have to be special. Walmart sells the exact same thing in black, Stack on branded for $200 with free shipping. Cabelas makes zero sense.

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I own the stack on brand $200 gun cabinet from walmart and Ill be the first to tell you this cabinet and my walmart cabinet are apples and oranges different! The walmart stack on cabinet is much cheaper made, thinner, flimsy steel, cheap door latch and hinge system. No door organizer, shelves are weak and bow under the weight of 1000-1500 round of ammo depending on caliber. One of my shelves has 1000 rounds of 9mm and bows, the other has misc . 22, .40, 30-06, 7mm-08 totalling about 1500-1600 rounds. I had to put my bulk 7.62x39 and 5.56 in the bottom. theres also no way my cabinet holds 18 guns. Maybe 18 pistols stacked one on another but not as shown. I have 5 long guns and 3 pistols in the one cabinet and it is STUFFED and barely able to close the door.
I ended up buying a second actual safe that now holds all my firearms and valuables and the walmart cabinet is strictly for ammo and accessories now. So yeah comparing this to the walmart stack on brand is not realistic.

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They are similar but I think the cabela's cabinet has a better latch system and you get the door organizer. If you live by a store 240 isn't a bad deal.

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