California: Due to California laws and regulations pertaining to firearms and firearms use, All RONI PISTOL CARBINE CONVERSION KIT are not authorized for sale or use in the State of California. 
The Micro RONI is the newest compact addition for a pistol carbine conversion kit. The light and sturdy platform for your various glocks and pistols is made of aluminum with a polymer body. The Micro RONI® features a folding mechanism for a sturdier position.
- No pistol disassembly required – Just place pistol into the kit and lock
- Equipped with a long Picatinny rail, allowing a combination of sight, magnifier, and/or night vision
- Provides two extra Picatinny rails on both right and left (optional) for mounting additional accessories
- Ambidextrous, easy and fast handling
- Optional: Full-Auto ambidextrous cocking handle
- Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety
- Features a right-folding stock for easy concealment and carry
- Right and left serrated thumb-rests for better control on recoil and muzzle-rise* (Optional)
- Front extra magazine carrier for fast reload
- Front integral tactical light (Optional)
- Fits only Glock gen’ 3+4, including compensated models (17)
- Width: 2.48"
- Height: 5.70"
- Length: 13.70"
ALL NFA RULES APPLY - Disclaimer: If you own a host pistol and install this product, your pistol will become a short-barreled rifle. You must first register your pistol with the ATFE using ATFE Form 1.

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You are correct. The “Pistol Stabilizing Brace” version with the Velcro Strap (Do Not Remove Strap) maintains the guns original classification as a pistol. Therefore, no need to pay for the added tax stamp. Where the original versions force you to have to pay for the SBR tax stamp. The “folding stock” changes the “intent” of the gun to be shouldered and used as a rifle, instead of a pistol. Thus, changing the classification and need for a $200 SBR tax stamp.

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When just being a regular Glock-owning d-bag isn't quite enough there's the Micro RONI.

And where did you post this deal?

I posted a better deal better version better price etc

And where did you post this deal?

The video seems to imply if you buy the stabilizer brace version then you don't have the additional paperwork to be legal. Am I understanding this correctly?

Glock gen 3 and 4. A little reading of the title and their website could have answered your question as well.

will an SD40VE fit in this

No. That is a pos.

I wonder how many people just buy these and don't pay the federal extortion fee to convert their glock to a short barrel rifle. Cool concept but like always leave it to gubment to ruin all the fun

that's the problem.With this company just shipping to your door step being and NFA item it should be going to an FFL to fill out paperwork then you get the item.

you should be banned from living.

It's not an nfa item if you don't own a pistol. Just like full auto control groups, you can have them as long as you don't have the weapon it matches to them.

Would a polymer g80 19 build fit in this? With the brownells slide? Anyone know?

No, it matches the frame of a Gen3 or Gen4 Glock.

From the videos I've seen, it appears to depend more on the rear serrations of the slide to be compatible, likely not frame. I'm also talking about the pistol brace model I'm thinking of buying.
A cocking piece snaps on the slide, the rest shoves into the frame and locks to the...pic rail...?
If you have evidence to the contrary, please feel free to post.

The Roni connects at the rail on the Gen 3 and 4. The cocking handle attaches to the slide stations.

Good point I forgot about the slide attachment.... There are tabs toward the front that catch on the frame rail spot, so looks like a 0/2 for Poly 80 Glocks...


it has many options when you go to select which one you want to buy.These kits only fit Gen 3/4.

Does this only fit Glock's?

This one yes, there are Ronis available for M&P, P226, Beretta, and others online also. Shop around!

I also want to know this?

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