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For those of you with an Academy Sports nearby:

Buy either the Taurus PT111 in Leather Brown or the Taurus G2C in black (both 9mm) for $289.99 get the Rossi RS22 black synthetic .22LR Rifle or the Heritage Rough Rider 6.5" .22LR revolver for free.

The PT111 has been a a decent 9, easy to maintain.

The Rough Rider single action revolver is fun for plinking, but reloading is a hassle.
I haven't shot the Rossi RS22 - but reviews seem decent.

Reserve by May 23rd and select your time to pick up between June 4-10.

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If you're going to buy this, go to ActiveJunky first and get 7% cash back, plus a $10 first time bonus using this link:
They don't restrict the cash back for ammo or firearms, like some of the other sites. The cash back will automatically pay quarterly.

Actually you should use this link..

I’m guessing you never shot a pt111. The actually have stellar reviews. And are claimed to be the one Taurus made right. But I a, guessing you are judging on the name and not the product.

WHo are you commenting to? Everyone? Or just single poster


Just a heads up: The only difference between the PT111 and the G2C is their warranty; 111 has lifetime, G2C has 1 year. Otherwise the guns are effectively identical.

These are the changes between models;
1) They replaced the hollow trigger bar safety with a solid trigger bar.
2) Changed the slide finish from a reflective shiny coating to a matte black finish.
3) PT111 Milennium G2 has an internal safety lock, G2C doesn't.
4) Different grip textures for M G2 and G2C.
5) Warranty, as you stated.

The 22 revolver generally goes on sale for $99 around Christmas. This IS a deal, but only because the NRA's Franklin Orth is a traitorous rat currently burning in hell and Academy won't charge a transfer fee to ship it to Academy. You'll save ~30 bucks off ~130, plus the transfer on the Tarus itself... if for some reason you wanted a Taurus that will blow up in your hand, which you shouldn't.

You can buy the Taurus for less than $200.00 They must think we are stupid. And there are some out there that are.

Totally agree

This isn't a good deal. Millenium can be had for right around 200 fairly often. If pass by just my two cents.

Must include the insurance for a loaner gun when your pistol has to go back to Taurus for eight months to be repaired.

Price gouging at it's finest. Academy sucks lol.

Buy one get one free garbage for sale!

What a joke

Jokes are usually funny.Paying $100 more and then getting something for free is as funny as getting kicked in your nutsack my a horse.

$110 more lol

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