Offer: Buy a Taurus G2C Handgun, Get a Rossi RS22 Rifle FREE. In Store Only.

Disclaimers: While Supplies Last. No Rain Checks. Offer Not Available in Illinois Stores.

Run Dates: 6/13 - 6/19

Price compare for 725327616030 - Taurus G2C 9mm 3.2 In 12 Rds Black

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Comments (11)

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Walther Creed @ $260? Or is that too large of a price disparity? I really am asking. Im in the market for a "cheap gun".

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Thats no deal at all the Taurus g2 millennium is a 180 dollar gun all day. They are simply charging you for both items and claiming ones free. Its a hoax and why i hate academy

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Not the best deal ever. Bought the g2 shipped for $188. So you’d still be paying $100 + for the rifle

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Agreed, got a g2 for 170 shipped from Hoosier about two months back. Great guns I really love the g2.

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This really isn't a good deal. Combat armory has the g2c for $180. Hell, Brownells has it for $205 with a $25 gift card.

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It is a good deal if you factor in the free gun. You spend $290 to get $440 dollars worth of firearms and to get these two guns on Brownells you'd have to spend $355 after you factor in the gift card.

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I dont know what to think of the sale this year. Earlier they were offering a rough rider, but that option seems to be gone now. The Taurus is a notoriously bad pistol (at least the old version was). So bad, in fact, the major gun retailer I worked for would not allow us to buy used ones. Also, this pistol can be had at other online stores for about $200 (plus tax, shipping and FFL fees of course, so lets say $230-250). This deal from Academy will be a solid $300 by the time you pay tax. With all that said, if you are already going to buy one of these pistols, this isnt a bad deal. But dont go for this unless you are REALLY sure you want the Taurus.

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Have owned the pt111 for 3 years now, I dare anyone to find a better gun in its class for less money.

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I agree im a gun snob i hate cheap guns but the Taurus g2 has never failed me and is quality built. If i could only buy one handgun and only had 180 bucks im buying a Taurus g2

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Agree that this is a horrible deal, but I think you're wrong about the G2 - that pistol has had overwhelmingly positive reviews for it's value. Taurus has a reputation for some bad firearms, but this isn't one of them.

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Agreed 100% the g2 and thier mod 85 is a couple of quality pieces for the price i was surprised about the g2 when i went hands on. Its built just like my glock that i paid 500 bucks for. Its a budget priced gun but not a budget quality

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