Now our Best Selling AR-15 Style rifle gets EVEN BETTER! Now through 5/31/14 Bushmaster is offering a $50.00 consumer rebate. Take $50.00 off our already LOW PRICE and that makes this deal UNBEATABLE!
Copy and paste the address below into your web browser to be directed to Bushmaster's Rebate page....
Stock :Black 6-Position CollapsibleMetal Finish :BlackMuzzle :A2 Flash hiderReceiver Material :Carbon Fiber CompositeSights :Bushnell Red DotBarrel Description :Chrome-Moly SteelTwist :
UPC#: 604206120816
SKU#: 90689
Bud's Item Number#: 69657

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Dont buy from Buds. I ordered and my total was $622 including insurance and CC fees. They cancelled my order because they "wont ship ANY ammo or guns to IL", but literally the next day the price was up OVER $700. They also offered me a store credit instead of cash, despite the fact they stated they wont ship any firearms or ammo to IL. The price change makes it look odd, and seems odd.

Grabagun has alwyas been good for me (no CC fees either), as is Lanbos Armory (Lanbo is a good guy), and Sportsmans warehouse ships FAST. Better off with them than the shady Buds

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Only $549.00 after Bushmaster's mail in rebate!

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