Build an Affordable AR-15 - less than $500 shipped

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Updated - Quick and inexpensive entry level AR15 build. No tools or skills needed.

Order this New Frontier Armory LW-15 GENII Complete AR15 Polymer Lower Receiver-Black - $109.95 shipped.

You will need to have this lower shipped to your FFL and they will charge a transfer fee for this service.

Next, order one of these uppers

PTAC 16" Mid-Length 1:9 Upper - Without BCG or CH - $199.99

or PTAC 16" M4 1:7 Upper - Without BCG or CH - $199.99

or PTAC 16" M4 Mid-Length 1:7 Upper - Without BCG or CH - $199.99

and PTAC 5.56 Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group w/ Carpenter 158 Bolt - $79.99,

along with this low cost Mil Spec Charging Handle Assembly for $15 shipped.

You will also need at least one magazine, Magpul Pmag for $10 shipped will do great. And that's about it, complete and fully functional AR-15 for $500 including shipping fees.

For sights, go with the basic carry handle for $20 shipped.

Quad-Rail upgrade for $25 shipped

For Complete AR Rifles, Uppers, Lowers, AR Parts and Ammunition check out our AR Deals page

Alternatively, you may purchase a stripped lower and lower parts kit and assemble it your self.

PSA Blemished Bullet-Pictogram Lower - $59.99,

PTAC M4 Lower Build Kit - $89.99,

You May consider the following alternatives:

PTAC 16" 1:7" M4 BLACKHAWK! Rifle Kit - $399.99,

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
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I've been doing a bit of

I've been doing a bit of research for making my first build and I found that both Midway and surplus ammo, both have complete uppers for sale at around $400-$500 depending on exactly what you are looking for. The kit I like the most is around $429 complete, so not a bad deal if you already have a finished lower. My cost on finished lower from 80% poly lower with parts was about $150. So I am in just under $500, still need sights and Mags but don't we all.

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These were the days :(((

These were the days :(((

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This is great info thank you.

This is great info thank you. If you have any other info on successful combinations this would be a great place to post.

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Aren't there concerns about a

Aren't there concerns about a DI gun with a polymer lower? I thought the polymer lowers were pretty much limited to the piston setup?

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Never heard anything like

Never heard anything like that. But if anyone wants a metal lower for cheap, wait 2 weeks to see if Palmetto does their $50 Black Friday stripped lower sale again. Add a lower build kit for about $100, and you're good.

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I just jumped on that deal.

I just jumped on that deal. PSA had the blemished stripped lower for $59 and I picked up the MOE Lower Build Kit for $109. For around $170 + 14 shipping I got a complete lower.

About the polymer lower, I just thought they would have problems because the DI guns vent all those hot gases back into the chamber where on the piston guns they don't.

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Guess this depends on what

Guess this depends on what your definition of "well under $500" is. With the info given, the build comes to $475.94. However, transfer fees (if you're lucky) will run $15+. So you're less than $10 shy of $500. Even then, the gun is usable if you don't care what you hit. You'll still have to buy a rear sight. I've done this, but have never broken the 'elusive' $500 mark for a complete build.

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I shouldn't have said well

I shouldn't have said well under $500.. but its possible, JSE Surplus has the upper with carry handle for $375, but right now it's out of stock

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I get what you were doing and

I get what you were doing and I whole-heartedly approve. Just throwing my unsolicited 2 cents in. Hopefully this knowledge will reach those like me who wanted in the 'black-rifle club', but couldn't afford to buy one outright.

Building from parts kits is easy if you're even slightly mechanically inclined. Sometimes this can bring you in a little cheaper still if you can borrow necessary tools.

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So I've got my NFA lower

So I've got my NFA lower coming in tomorrow. Which complete upper has the best reliability?

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lol, you'll spend days

lol, you'll spend days finding a good answer to that.

Best way to go about it is to think, "What do I want to do with this gun?" Home defense, SHTF, hunting, target practice, plinking, looking cool?

Figure out how much you're willing to spend. Cheaper brands include DTI (Del Ton), DPMS, and some others I can't think of. Better brands include Palmetto State Armory, Spike's Tactical, and some others I can't think of. Brands like Colt, Noveske, BCM, Larue, such and so on are for Professional Tier 1 Operators (i.e. tacticool mall ninjas) only.

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Nice i spent about $600 on

Nice i spent about $600 on mine. Psa upper, new frontier lower, bcm bcg and ch, and 2 pmags.

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Nice basic guide to the

Nice basic guide to the sub500 Ar-15.

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I recently put together my

I recently put together my first AR-15. I used a NF Polymer lower, DPMS Oracle pencil profile complete upper, Magpul Pmag, used (but genuine) Magpul MBUS rear flip up sight, and a UTG gas rail mount flip up front sight. All together with shipping and transfer fees, it came out to $575. With the polymer lower and pencil profile upper, its a really light, handy rifle. I love it.

The New Frontier polymer lower is actually really nice for the price. The fit and finish is good, I like the trigger, and the lower fits tightly to the upper with no wiggle at all.

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