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The Browning Buckmark Contour pistol is tailor-made for shooters looking for an accurate, reliable rimfire semi-auto that they can take to the range for plinking or skill-building.

The Browning Buckmark Contour is so called due to its barrel, which features a unique contour that is designed to provide for ideal all-around use. Shooters have commented on the pistol's construction, considering the size and weight to be ideal.

Chambered in .22 LR
Adjustable iron sights
5.5-inch barrel

The Browning Buckmark Contour features an all stainless-steel metal finish along with polymer grips, which enhances its ability to stand up to corrosion and environmental factors.

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Yes the photo is for the hunter model but the deal is for the SS Contour model. I got this from Brownells last week. Arrived at my FFL within two days from date of ordering. Pistol is very nice. Trigger is better than my Mk IV SS Target. Also seems to run much better on bulk Winchester and Federal ammo than the Ruger. Down sides: with the full top rail you have to remove three screws to field strip for cleaning. Only ships with one mag.

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Aint a stainless contour

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At least the pic

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