M5 Upper Receiver w/ 20 Fluted Rifle Barrel w/ FSB
Cartridge: 308 Winchester
Finish: Black
Style: Assembled
Contour: Fluted
Length: 20"
Twist: 1-10
An AR-Style .308 Upper Complete With a Lightweight Carbine Barrel
Featuring an Aero Precision upper receiver paired with the company's Carbine AR .308 barrels, Brownells has created the perfect upper-receiver package to complete your AR-style .308 rifle build! Take all of the guesswork out of selecting the right components for an AR-style .308 rifle and just pick up this package to get your rifle running right!
The M5 upper receiver is built by Aero Precision and features M4-style feedramps, along with DPMS-pattern takedown holes. The receiver is compatible with standard DPMS-pattern components, including the lower receiver, bolt carrier, charging handles and barrels. This upper comes equipped with a forward assist and ejection-port cover. The system also comes equipped with the same AR .308 front-sight gas block found on the original Armalite rifles built by Artillerie Inrichtingen.
Brownells paired this AR .308 Upper Receiver with one of its Carbine barrels, which can be had in 16-, 18- and 20-inch lengths. The 16-inch barrels are outfitted with mid-length gas systems, while the 18- and 20-inch barrels are fitted with a rifle-length gas system. All carbine barrels feature a 1:10-inch twist rate. They feature a QPQ-nitride finish, along with an exterior phosphate finish that's accurate to retro AR .308 barrels. These barrels also ship with a barrel nut, round handguard cap, front sight base and front-sight hardware.

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