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Iron Sight Slide +Window for Gen3 Glock™ 17 Stainless Nitr
Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
Finish: Black
Style: Window
Sights: Dovetail

A Unique Design That Aids in Weapon Manipulation

The Brownells Front Cut Slides for Glock® pistols allows any operator to build a custom Glock® style pistol from the ground up with a slide already customized with front slide serrations.

Our Front Cut Slides feature a unique wraparound slide serration design that aids in weapon manipulation, especially when checking the chamber. Serrations are cut to the same depth as Glock® factory models to ensure lower slide rigidity. Models are also available with top window cutout between the front serrations.

Slides start out as 17-4 stainless steel billet and are machined internally to factory specifications. Slides are compatible with any standard Glock® 17 or 19 components. The factory Glock® rear sight dovetail is machined, with a standard Glock® front sight cut at the front.

- Heat treated to 41-44 on the Rockwell C scale
- Finished with a matte black nitride finish
- Factory internal dimensions
- Available for Glock® 17 or 19 pistols
- Available with a top window cutout at the front
- Factory Glock® sight cuts
- For Gen3 pistols

Improve the functionality and performance of your Glock® 17 or 19 with the Brownells Front Cut Slides.

Channel liner required for these slides. Channel liners are a press fit and require a tool to install.

“GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. Brownells is an independent dealer of parts and accessories for Glock® pistols, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. The use of Glock on this page is merely to advertise the sale of Glock parts or components. As indicated in the product descriptions, not all parts and accessories on this site are official Glock products.

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