Brownells Howa Mini Action Chassis Matte (Black, FDE) - $379.99 shipped w/code "M8Y"

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Howa Mini Action Chassis Matte Black
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Style: Chassis
The Brownells Howa Mini Action BRN-1 Precision Chassis system is designed to provide an enhanced rifle setup for owners of a number of popular rifle actions. Manufacturerd by MDT, the chassis is developed exclusively for Brownells and is inspired by the design of MDT's LSS rifle chassis. A great option for precision long range shooters looking to upgrade their stock rifle.
The BRN-1 Chassis system is set up to accept an AR-style buffer tube, allowing access to the incredible aftermarket of AR-15 buttstock accessories. The chassis also allows for the use of AR-style pistol grips, ensuring that owners can customize their rifles in any number of ways. The chassis is constructed from 6061 aluminum and features a V-shaped bedding system that accommodates most heavy barrels. The bedding system ensures that rifle barrels are free-floated for maximum accuracy.
- Available in black and flat dark earth
- Forend features M-LOK attachment points
- Can be had in short-action and long-action setups
- Maximum recoil-lug compatibility is .350-inch
- Compatible with Howa Mini Action Magazines

SKU#: 103075BLK

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Stocks, Grips, Furniture
Brand: Brownells
MPN: 103075BLK
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Sixth picture in the string

Sixth picture in the string is my fav. Even though it's about 70% covered by a redacting rectangle and I can't tell what the rest of it is. Maybe it's that unique look and complete lack of something to ogle that I find so incredibly appealing.

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0 votes

Uhh wtf?

Uhh wtf?

0 votes
0 votes

Let's assume the buffer tube

Let's assume the buffer tube compatibility part will be perfectly compatible with the Law Tactical folding stock adapter... and then we must take bets on how many days until we see pictures posted from the Bubbas 'cross 'mericuh with their tacticool "upgraded" bolt action Howas that have AR pistol grips, and folding "stocks" (Law tac. folder + AR Pistol brace of your choice... or hell, even standard M4 collapsible stock instead of brace, w/wo folder). Honestly, I don't know which version would be more ridiculous. But we probably don't need to stress ourselves trying to imagine all the combinations - I have a feeling we'll get to see every absurd variation come to life - give it 6 months.

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1 vote

Yeah because no tactical bolt

Yeah because no tactical bolt action rifles ever have pistol grips or folding stocks right? Talk about a FUDD.

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0 votes

I think if you take into

I think if you take into consideration the sudden push by the industry to encourage the growth in chassis profile bolt action sniper systems this thing becomes much easier to see becoming extremely popular. Basement dwelling gamers aside, I've only tried one chassis rifle. It was extremely bulky and insanely heavy. But it was very accurate and had impressively low recoil to.

0 votes
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