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The Brownells Glock® 19 Extended RMR Slide & Barrel Kit is a great way to build your own customized Glock® from the ground up! Included in this kit is a Brownells Extended Slide for Glock® 19 already machined for installing an RMR sight. Slide is available with window cuts to reduce reciprocating mass for less recoil and enhanced barrel cooling. A precision machined Brownells Extended 9mm Barrel for Glock® 19 rounds out the Brownells Glock® 19 Extended RMR Slide & Barrel Kit, ensuring exact fit and performance.

- Nitride finished barrel
- 1-10" RH, 6 groove twist
- Available with standard or 1/2"-28 threaded muzzle
- 17-4 stainless steel slide, 7.21" OAL
- Fits Gen3 frames only

The Brownells Glock® 19 Extended RMR Slide & Barrel Kit is a great choice for building a concealed carry pistol where length is a concern, but grip printing is.


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Anyone ever receive the gift card after ordering?

Is this compatible with a G23 Gen3? This is the only Glock I own due to needing a practice gun identical to my issued duty firearm back in 2004. (What an asinine department that prohibited us from practicing with our actual duty weapons.) I'm no longer a LEO but have still kept this for some reason.

Yes, but for best results replace the ejector housing to the 9mm version to be extra confident in function.

Mine works fine on a G23 frame but I replaced the extractor & ejector assembly along with a .40-9 conversion barrel when I decided I wanted a 9mm. 19ls ws just icing on the cake

YouTube search Rock Slide USA

The slides are ugly brownells are cheaper and look better

Code VAS today only gives $30 off of $300. RMR and window cuts plus threaded barrel for $310. Going on my P80 Ghost.

Ad already says, but to clarify: Gen 3 Only.

What guide rod would you use with this?

G19 guide rod

Full size slide

Brownells had g19 gen 3 camo flag color for 489. That’s very good deal bc cerekote the whole gun cost about 150 or obo. With RMR cut. I’m not sure if anyone need that. You can buy a plate to put in for Burris fastfire 3. RMR cost about 360-500

Trust me. Glock build is expensive. Already cost me about 600 with BCA barrel. I went out and bought a brand new g19 gen 5 for 460 out the door. The parts kit and sights and magazines cost way more than I thought.

I built mine complete for right at $500. YouTube search. Rock Slide usa.

That is not true. I have $385 wrapped up in mine. It has taken over a year waiting for good deals though. I would agree if you have money burning a hole in your then yeah buy complete.
Complete slide with milling, RMR cut, and cerakote - $280 shipped.
The slide came with stainless steel barrel and everything else stock.
Complete lower $45 shipped including FFL transfer.
2 17 Rd magazines,extended slide release, and ghost 3.5 lb trigger for $40. Granted they are KCI mags but are fine for thw range. 1 glock mag for $20 shipped .

Maybe in just extras. I'm sure your not including the actual initial cost of the pistol

This or regular size? Good deal for the RMR Cut plus threaded barrel?

1&2: It depends on what you're looking for in a gun.

About: This particular deal will give you the barrel length and sight radius of a Glock 17 on the smaller Glock 19.

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