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BRN-10 Bolt Carrier Group Chrome MP
Cartridge: 308 Winchester
Finish: Chrome

Flavors Your .308 With a Bit of Old-School Flavor, Plus The Convenience of Modern Parts Compatibility
The BRN-10 Retro Bolt / Carrier Group from Brownells is styled to replicate the BCG on Eugene Stoner’s original ArmaLite® AR-10® rifle of the late 1950s - the original AR-pattern rifle. It is the ideal component to add an extra level of period detail and authenticity to a "retro" rifle build - especially if you’re using the Brownells BRN-10 upper receiver.

The BRN-10 is a complete bolt / carrier group with angled flat sides and two enlarged flanges on the tail for flawless travel inside the receiver extension. A hard-chromed finish on the BRN-10 provides excellent resistance to surface wear, plus smooth operating lubricity, while adding an extra bit of period-correct detail.

- Hard chromed carrier, gas key, cam pin, extractor & bolt
- 8620 tool steel carrier
- 9310 magnetic particle inspected bolt
- Gas key screws are torqued & staked

Brownell’s BRN-10 Bolt / Carrier Group is compatible with DPMS LR-308 upper receivers and components, as well as DPMS clones. It will give a distinctive look to your next custom AR-style .308 rifle build, yet is fully compatible with modern DPMS-pattern receivers, buffers, charging handles and barrels.

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