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BRN-10® 308 18" Carbine Barrel FSB 1-10 Rifle Gass
Cartridge: 308 Winchester
Length: 18
Barrel Weight: 2.375 lbs
Contour: Lightweight
Finish: Phosphate
Gas System Length: Rifle, ...

Carbine variants of the Lightweight BRN-10 Barrels
Whether you have a BRN-10 or simply a 308 AR rifle, these Carbine BRN-10 Barrels will make an excellent upgrade. Available in 18” or 16” configuration, the Carbine BRN-10 barrel offers a lightweight option, with the classic BRN-10 Front Sight Base. This Front Sight Base is designed after the original Sudanese style sights found on Dutch Artillerie Inrichtingen AR-10® Rifles, produced under license from Armalite®. The Carbine Barrels ship with the Front Sight installed, along with the barrel nut, round handguard cap and slide mounted sling swivel. The 5/8-24 muzzle accepts commonly found muzzle devices, or would be great with a BRN-10 3-Prong or closed Prong flash hider.

18 Inch Model
- Rifle Length Gas System
- Weight: 2.375 pounds
16 Inch Model
- Mid-Length Gas System
- Weight: 2.25 pounds

Each barrel has a nitride finish, with a manganese phosphate finish over the top. Both have a 1-10 twist rate and 308 Winchester chamber. Barrels are produced by Faxon for Brownells.

MPN#: BN10A810R18NCQ

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I built two AR-10s using these barrels, with Aero M5 receiver sets, but with the semi-retro look of the Brownell's BR-10 handguard and rifle stock. These barrels are manufactured by Faxon and I am a big Faxon fan. I installed 2-stage LaRue MBT-2 triggers and was pleasantly surprised at the performance. Only fired a few rounds for barrel break-in but very pleased with initial accuracy using only iron sights.

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