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Blemished AR-15 Slickside Upper Receiver Black
Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO
Style: Stripped
Due to Brownells' extraordinarily high quality standards, some of the AR-15 upper receivers produced for the company's line of BRN-16A1 retro rifles aren't up to spec. However, these Brownells Blemished M16 A1 upper receivers are still solid, quality components for AR fans looking for a bargain for their next AR build.
These blemished lowers exhibit a slightly offset sight channel. Iron sights will install and zero, but will need slight adjustment to one side.
- Made from 7075-T6 aluminum forging
- Marked 5.56 NATO
- Completely stripped
Each Brownells Blemished M16 upper receiver feature an original shape, having no shell deflector, an A1 rear-sight housing and period-correct contours for a carry handle. All standard AR-15 parts are compatible with the lower, and the design is correct for a number of period reproductions.

MPN#: APVA6010401BC

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