AR-15 GI LPK w/ M4 Buffer Tube Assembly
The KE Arms AR-15 GI Parts Kit has every part you need to assemble your bare lower receiver into a functional piece for your custom AR-15 or M4 build. All parts Made in USA! Now paired with the Brownells Buffer Tube Assembly for a more complete lower parts kit you can afford!
Trigger Guard and Pistol Grip
- Trigger guard assembly-Enhanced Polymer Winter Trigger Guard, secures with roll pin and set screw for easy installation (allen wrench not included)
- Trigger guard roll pin
- A2 Pistol grip-Injection Molded Glass Filled Nylon
- Pistol grip screw
- Grip screw lock washer-Stainless Steel
Fire Control Group
- Hammer- Investment Cast and Precision Machined Steel, Magnesium Phosphate Coating
- Hammer Spring- Black Oxide Coated
- Trigger- Investment Cast and Precision Machined Steel, Magnesium Phosphate Coating
- Trigger Spring- Black Oxide Coated
- Disconnector- Fine Blank and Precision Machined Black Oxide
- Disconnector Spring-Black Oxide Coated
- Safety selector- Investment Cast and Precision Machined Steel, Magnesium Phosphate Coating
- Selector detent spring-Black Oxide Coated
- Safety selector detent-Melonite Coated Steel
Magazine Catch Assembly
- Magazine release button-Anodized Aluminum
- Magazine catch-Melonite Coated Steel
- Magazine catch spring-Black Oxide Coated
Buffer Retainer Assembly
- Buffer retainer-Melonite Coated Steel
- Buffer retainer spring-Black Oxide Coated
Bolt Catch Assembly
- Bolt catch- Investment Cast, Magnesium Phosphate Coating
- Bolt catch plunger-Melonite Coated Steel
- Bolt catch spring-Black Oxide Coated
- Bolt catch roll pin
- Take Down/Pivot Pin Assemblies
Buffer Tube Assembly:
- Takedown pin detent springs (2)-Black Oxide Coated, longer than standard trim to length needed for your lower
- Takedown pin detents (2)-Melonite Coated Steel
- Takedown pin-Melonite Coated Steel
- Pivot pin-Melonite Coated Steel

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