A Solid Lower Receiver at a Budget Price
Sometimes, the production process used to provide components for all of Brownells' retro AR-15 rifle models and unique, individual components offered in the retro lineup just doesn't produce the exact, quality part needed for sale. That's a benefit for consumers, as Brownells is selling these blemished AR-15 XM16E1 lower receivers at a bargain price.
Based on the design of the U.S. Army's original XM16E1 rifle made in the early 1960s, the Brownells blemished AR-15 XM16E1 lower receivers are a perfect choice for those looking for a retro feel for their rifles. Each blemished option still features the same quality forging and machining as the QC-approved receivers. However, these options have varying finishes, ranging from shiny green to dark gray.
- Nodak Spud Forging
- Machined by Aero Precision
- Made from 7075-T6 aluminum forging
- Marked 5.56 NATO
- Completely stripped
Each Brownells blemished AR-15 XM16E1 lower receiver replicates the exact contours of the XM16E1 receiver and includes the "partial fence" found on the original receiver design.


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