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Build Your Next Budget AR
A host of blemished AR-15 M16-A1 lower receivers are available to consumers, particularly because of Brownells' commitment to providing the highest-quality components possible. While these blem lower receivers are perfectly viable, quality components ready for use in any rifle, they're being sold at a bargain price because of cosmetic issues.
Each Brownells blemished AR-15 M16-A1 lower receiver is forged and machined to the same specifications as the company's full-price options. However, the finish on these lowers varies quite a bit, ranging from shiny green to dull, dark gray. However, if you aren't worried about getting an exact finish match, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to buy at a reduced rate!
- Nodak Spud Forging
- Machined by Aero Precision
- Made from 7075-T6 aluminum forging
- Marked 5.56 NATO
- Completely stripped
Constructed with the original contours and details found on the M16-A1 rifles used by the U.S. Army in the 1960s, the Brownells blemished AR-15 M16-A1 lower receiver is ready for your reproduction build.

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Maybe I am just uneducated on the value in this deal but IMHO this is no deal when you can buy Anderson's all day long at around $40 at Cabelas with 20% discount gift cards.

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Agreed not sure how this is a deal but I don't get why most lowers cost much more unless they are hard coat anodized or have some serious mill work done to them, and that's mostly minor weight adjustment or personal preference. Also if they are made by aero I can pick those up locally for $58.00 plus tax all day long.

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