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As seen worn by British troops on desert duty. Manufactured by legendary British maker Osprey. Add your own armor plates, or use this Vest for keeping your gear evenly distributed and in easy reach. Unlike most Vests, these have never been through any training exercises. All are brand new, and never issued.

Heavyweight canvas
Front/back armor plate holders (plates not included)
MOLLE-style PALS modular webbing
Reinforced neck grab handle
Note: Sz. 2XL may not have the 1 front pouch and 2 side pouches (no choice)
Protect yourself with top-quality British surplus. Act now!

Key Specifications
Item Number: 675566
Material: Canvas
Color: Desert DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) Camo
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
NATO Stock Number: 8470-99-480-8039
Condition: New, never issued
Item number: WX2-675566

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If you wear this your a fucking nerd

Says the king of stolen valor...

This pic legit looks like an undercooked Turkey when scrolling through the deals.

yes they have large zippered compartment front and rear. they also have a smaller pocket on the inside presumably for the ceramic plates the brits used looks about 5x7. if you have a couple of extra plates laying around its a cheap carrier thats well made.

I look on there websight. Yes 10x12 or 11x14 plates. But the neck and shoulders have no armor..makes them kind of pointless

It's a modular system. The neck and arm components are interchangeable so they can be task and size specific.

Yea totally. O btw when you gonna get shot at?

they may live in Chicago

Will these accommodate 10x12 plates front and rear?

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