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The Vltor Gunfighter Charging Handle, 5.56mm is the perfect upgrade to your rifle. The fresh design is much stronger than stock handles, making it less prone to latch breakage. These AR15 Upper Parts by VLTOR feature internal redesigns that direct the force off of the roll pin and into the body of the charging handle, preserving the longevity of your firearm. Another great aspect of the Vltor BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle is that it makes offhand bolt manipulation easy and is highly recommended to any gun owner who has attached optics to their AR15 platform rifle. Upgrade your rifle with the Vltor GFH3 Ambidextrous Handle, 5.56mm and experience the difference a high quality handle can make on your favorite firearm.
Hand: Ambidextrous Style: Mod 4 - Medium
UPC: 855877004039

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Is it possible that the thumbs down are due to optics planets stance on " high capacity" magazines and other accessories?

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More of a Illinois law.

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Deal worked for me. Ordered two. Optics planet has free shipping which is very very slow. I buy a lot from them knowing it will be a week before I receive my order. That said, they have good deals from time to time. Not sure why all the shade thrown. OP is a good place to do business.

There does seem to be a rash of people on Gun.Deals who feel the need to trash vendors and products. One wonders if there shouldn't be a way to separate the bitchers and moaners from valid reviewers.

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0 votes

I like these a lot. Not sure why all the thumbs down, but I'm guessing because everyone likes to hate on optics planet. My advice would be to not order backordered items.

2 votes
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If only this worked on AR10s

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0 votes

Is this a good deal or should I go with the $55 Raptor LT or $65 for the original Raptor from Sunny State or whatever their name is?

0 votes
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Holeup wayment I can't get this to come any where close to 43 bucks and yes I realize the 10% only comes off after you spend $50

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I put 2 in my cart, used the coupon code on the website, and the total is $86.38 with free economy shipping (this is for the ambi model).

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