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The UZK-BR99 12 Ga Semi auto shotgun Imported for Natmil . These shotguns are designed to be a multi purpose shotgun and fill the needs of our Tactical / Home Defense , Hunting and Sporting customers. Centered around the very popular AR15 platform you will feel very comfortable with feel & layout of the system . Magazine fed allows for the quick change of ammo and is great for a wide variety of roles .Unlike similar shotguns these have been built to work with a wider variety of high & lower power shells . The shotgun is chambered for 3” MAG has a 20” barrel with tube choke and a manual safety. Designed for tactical use with its AR platform, 4140 steel barrel this shotgun is made with performance and durability in mind. The shotguns are backed up by a one year warranty with a certified US service center . >> Free Shipping for a Limited Time

Additional features compared to similar/Competitor products:
1 . The receiver/frame is thicker than similar Shotguns on the market.
2 . The trigger parts are machined from solid stock , not investment cast
3. Our magazines are designed to work with both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells
4. Gas system is self-adjusted to any shell Both Low and HI Brass. Spring and buffer system can handle high powered shells with no problem
5. BR-99 has ergonomic grips and cheek rest very comfortable feel .
6. Rails built into the handguard for easy mounting of optics/sights. No need to buy expensive aftermarket rails.
7. The BR 99 will work with the MKA 1919 Ten Round magazines .

Other Features
Semi-auto with 5+1 round capacity
Synthetic stock
20” Barrel
Tube choke
4140 steel barrel
Extra magazine
AR Iron sights removable front & rear for ease of mounting Optics
Each shotgun comes with 2 -5 round magazines , choke set and BR 99 box , backed up by a one year warranty.

Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 12 GA
MPN: BR-99
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Check this

Check this thread.......

Sounds like 2 ex-partners are making the same gun.......The BR99 is an upgraded MKA and the first review seems to support this idea.

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Cool thanks!

Cool thanks!

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So.....does this shotgun come

So.....does this shotgun come with the rail mounted handle?

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Yes, i shot one and it cycles

Yes, i shot one and it cycles high velocity bird shot, 1300 plus but not the 1200fps, and slugs cycle fine, my only worry is its a polymer framed 12 ga shotgun

Edit im thinking of the mka, ive never shot this one

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1 vote

After watching the Atlantic

After watching the Atlantic Arms video....they claim the gas system is adjustable for high and low brass and even show an array of shells.
Are you positive it will not cycle 1200 fps shells?

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I editted my comment i own

I editted my comment i own its twin the mka 1919

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I wonder if there is a gas

I wonder if there is a gas system mod that will allow it to shoot 1200 shells ?

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Has anyone done review

Has anyone done review comparisons to this and the MKA 1919 ?

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I've been looking for the

I've been looking for the same thing but I think this gun it too new. I talked to Blayne (spelling?) at Atlanta Firearms over the phone and he told me that this gun has only been available for 10 days (that was 2 days ago). He also said that it was very similar to the MKA 1919, but the difference being that the BR 99 had a slightly beefier polymer receiver and some upgraded internals like the trigger parts being machined out of solid stock as opposed to being cast. Both guns come from Turkey but supposedly not from the same factory (something I was curious of). The BR99 will accept the 1919 mags and the BR99 has a full length rail along the top side whereas the 1919 does not. To me it looks like an improved 1919, but we'll have to wait and see. I plan to do a video review when I get mine (on order).

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They made a point by

They made a point by mentioning it shoots low brass shells so for me....its a go if it shoots cheaper shells reliably.

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If i had to guess, one

If i had to guess, one partner waited for the MKA to come out....then he improved on the negatives of the MKA and here comes the BR99

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I just ordered one guys, wish

I just ordered one guys, wish me luck with it. I'll try to post back after I receive and test it (although it may be a while because I have to wait for the shipping and the ten day "cooling off" period - in Kali...)

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