The Boyt Harness Secure Vault's speed series gun safes give you lighting fast access to your handguns and valuables. The push button access is assisted by the spring-loaded door that pops open with ease. Thick 15 gauge body and door construction with foam padded interior make a strong, safe, protected place for your belongings. Speed series vaults mount easily next to your bed, in closets, on shelves, in vehicles and offices to guard your handgun and valuables, at the same time giving you instant access when you need it.
Available in Top or Front Load
Spring-loaded door with push button access
15 gauge steel construction
Foam padded interior
9-volt jump start that prevents accidental lockout due to your internal batteries going dead
Mounts easily due to pre-drilled holes
Tough pick-proof key lock
California DOJ approved
MPN: 83004

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Needed a good safe to store my handgun in at work. Seems like a decent deal.

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