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223 5.56mm Bore sight Link:
9mm Boresight Link:
7.62x39mm Boresight Link:

1.Set your firearm in a gun vise or other stable platform so that it does not move.
2.Insert your boresighter fully into the empty chamber. And sight in your firearm at any desired distance that the laser is visible (25 yards is recommended).
3.Align your firearm so that the laser is centered on the bull’s eyes.
4.Adjust your scope (according to the manufacturers specifications) so that the reticle of the scope matches with the laser and bull’s-dyd alignment.
5.Remember to remove the batteries of your bore sight to preserve the battery life, and store in a cool, dry place

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Note the 9mm version linked is 9x25, probably not what most people are expecting

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0 votes

Note the 9mm version linked is 9x25, probably now what most people are expectio

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