Now looked upon as a classic in the world of knives, the Boker Kalashnikov is an excellent blade to own. This particular Kalashnikov features an impressive dagger blade made with 192 stunning layers of Damascus steel. This is a limited run, so get a hold of yours before it's snatched up by someone else. The ergonomically shaped handle is black finished aluminum with molded finger grips and jimping where the handle and blade meet. The design is thin, elegant and comfortable. The action of this knife is first rate, using high torsion springs we have custom made specifically for it. As with other Kalashnikov knives, this knife comes with a pocket clip for easy tip-up carry.

Please Note: Due to the nature of Damascus, each pattern on the knife blade will vary slightly from the one pictured.
Overall Length:7.625"
Blade Length:3.25"
Cutting Edge:3.00"
Blade Thickness:0.12"
Blade Material:Damascus
Blade Style:Dagger
Blade Grind:Flat
Edge Type:Plain
Handle Length:4.375"
Handle Thickness:0.67"
Handle Material:Aluminum
Weight:3.70 oz.
User:Right Hand
Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
Knife Type:Automatic
Opener:Push Button
Lock Type:Plunge Lock
Country of Origin:Taiwan
Best Use:Tactical
Product Type:Knife
Item #BHQ-21477

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Damascus isn't a type of steel in and of itself as so many seem to think, rather it is simply folded layers of two or more different kinds of steels. If a manufacturer won't tell you which steels went into their Damascus then it's usually a clue it was cheap steel to begin with. So, no surprise if the blade on this knife won't hold and edge very long. The whole myth that Damascus is some magic steel is just that, a myth. No Damascus is any better than the steels that were layered to produce it. And the cheap Damascus blades coming out of places like Pakistan are more than likely two recycled mild steels that won't harden or hold an edge worth a darn.

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This knife can't hold an edge. Period. Nice grip, and functions just fine as an automatic, but the Damascus blade immediately goes dull. Looks cool, but very disappointing once you try to use it.

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Most Boker automatics of this Kalashnikov line don't use the best metals, but they generally sell for $39.99. For that price you get what you pay for. Had some that held and edge and others that won't.

I'm totally with you that this Damascus Bokers blade material is lackluster at best. I changed the handle material on mine to micarta, with a rocky mountain tread, and the blade pattern looks really nice, but at the end of the day it's not a everyday carry as it dulls ridiculously quick. It's the only Boker I have now, the rest I gave away.

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