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The Mark 4 1-3x14mm CQ/T is a revolutionary optical sight for firearms such as the AR-15 and M16, combining the strengths of a red dot sight and the flexibility of a variable power riflescope. Just as important, the reticle is always visible, with or without batteries, so you’re always prepared. The CQ/T is also becoming a fast favorite with competitive shooters who appreciate its unique close and long range capabilities.
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SKU#: LU67675B
UPC#: 030317676759
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Leupold stopped making/selling these for the civ market at the beginning of 2017. And when they did sell them, they were only $700-$800 and not well-liked.

So not only are these particular ones recycled and old, but they are crazy overpriced. If you pay more than $600 for this thing you are out of your mind.

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