SKU DG01-51655128775B
Brand Palmetto State Armory
Model Number DG01-51655128775B

Model: Palmetto Dagger Compact
Caliber: 9mm
Action: Striker Fired
Weight: 22.4oz (unloaded)
Overall Length: 7.65"
Overall Width: 1.28"
Overall Height: 4.78" (Without Mag)
Barrel Profile: Threaded with Thread Protector
Barrel Length: 4.5"
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
Barrel Finish: DLC Coating
Thread Pitch: 1/2x28 TPI
Twist Rate: SAAMI Spec 1:10
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Finish: Cerakote, Flat Dark Earth
Frame: Polymer, Flat Dark Earth
Front Sight: Ameriglo 2XL .350" Tall Sight (Not a Night Sight)
Rear Sight: Ameriglo 2XL .429" Tall Sight (Not a Night Sight)
Safety: Striker Block Safety & Trigger Safety
Magazine: Comes with One (1) 15rd Magazine
Optics Mount: Doctor Cut
** These pistols will have cosmetic blemishes that do not affect function. This may include, but is not limited to, forging marks under the finish, scratches, and slight variation in the finish color coat.

A compact-sized polymer-framed pistol, the Palmetto Dagger with Extreme Carry Cuts™ introduces game-changing ergonomics and controllability. Made from high-quality stainless steel and advanced polymers, this pistol lives up to today's highest expectations while maintaining the unmatched Palmetto State Armory value. Chambered in 9x19mm, the Palmetto Dagger is fed from a supplied PMAG® 15 GL9™ (15-Round) magazine and operated by a smooth single-action striker-fired trigger mechanism. The Palmetto Dagger is feature-rich even in its standard form, yet also provides a framework for further customization, as it is highly compatible with many aftermarket offerings. The new Extreme Carry Cuts™ offer smoother edges to the rear and front of the slide to help with faster drawing without snagging the user's holster. The slide is also finished with a Flat Dark Earth coating and Doctor cut for compatibility with like-style reflex sights. A black cover plate is also included.
Ships in Palmetto State Armory Soft Pistol Case.
Additional Features:
Ergonomic Grip Shape
Doctor Cut Optics Mount
Extreme Carry Cuts™ on Slide
Aggressive Grip Texturing
Striker Fired
Flat Faced Trigger
Striker Block Safety and Trigger Safety
Ameriglo 2XL Tall Sights
Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Guide Rod
Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Slide
Flat Dark Earth Polymer Frame
DLC Coated Barrel
15rd Magazine
PSA Dagger Soft Pistol Case

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Comments (9)

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So is this the best gun $300 can buy? Seems like it.

1 vote
0 votes

"Best" is always difficult, but hard to argue with your opinion. American made, lifetime warranty, readily available mags and parts and ammo, etc. Turkish, Brazilian, European mil-surp and police trade-ins are its competition at this price point. Talking me into another gun...

1 vote
0 votes

Right? Already cut for optics and metal sites. I dont really care about the threaded barrel but cool that it comes with one for $300. I've always wanted to cut one of my 19's down to a G26 length for my truck gun. May just use this the PSA gun instead

0 votes
0 votes

I will never purchase again from Palmetto! They sent a gun without three 25rd .22cal mags because my state has restrictions on mags over 17 rounds that doesn’t pertain to me. They never called & never discounted the package deal. Jupulpulled the magazines from the pacMake sure you read the fine print in the terms.

0 votes
5 votes

Super. You've been a member for 3 weeks, made 11 comments, all the same. And apparently the problem was someone other than Palmetto.

3 votes
0 votes

It isn't fine print. In the compliance section, which is immediately before the warranty section on the product page, it says:

We DO NOT ship high-capacity magazines with firearms to certain states.
We WILL NOT replace high capacity magazines with state compliant magazines.
We DO NOT offer refunds in place of the magazines.
Please see our terms and conditions for a list of restricted states.

OR it simply says:

Magazines will be removed from firearms when shipping to states with magazine capacity restrictions.

3 votes
0 votes

Why doesn’t it apply to you?

4 votes
0 votes

He must be a leo?

0 votes
0 votes

Then fuck him let him follow the laws of the commoners

4 votes
1 vote
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