M92 AK Short Barrel Rifle 7.62x39mm 10 Inch Barrel Side-Folding Stock SAW Style Pistol Grip Quad Rail Forend Stamped Receiver 30 Round - All NFA Rules Apply
MPN#: BH-M92SBR-002 BH-BHI-M92SBR-00
UPC#: 853813004525

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So this is a Zastava M92 imported by Blackheart and they want $1700 for it?!? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

These are $600 pistols (used to be $400) + $120 stock and BAM...the same thing for $700-ish. Either way you have to pay the tax stamp.

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I’ve contacted black heart 6 times to address a loose front sight drum on one of their aks to zero reply. The gun came like that, and new front sight drums have not fixed the problem. Trash company making trash products.

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Thanks for the feedback, I was seriously looking at purchasing, but will not get into to bed with shitty customer service manufacturers, companies!

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This isn't a deal.

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