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Underfolder AK-47, Ready to Assemble

The Blackheart Firearms underfolding stock AK-47 barreled receiver kit features all the same components as the Blackheart Firearms' line of complete AKM rifles. This kit is perfect solution for the do-it-yourself AK builder.

The Blackheart Firearms underfolding stock AK-47 barreled receiver kit features all new US and Romanian parts, and all the difficulty of machining and finishing already completed. The kit contains all new, never used Romanian parts, and US stamped receiver and 4150 chrome-lined barrel.

- Barrel and stock trunnions are CNC machined from billet steel
- Receiver features completed riveting, pressing, and head spaced bolt
- All Parkerizing work completed
- Contains: Barreled Receiver, handguard cap, gas block, front sight base assembly, gas tube, headspaced bolt with firing pin & extractor & top cover
- Does not contain: Trigger Assembly, Bolt Carrier, furniture or muzzle device

The Blackheart Firearms underfolding stock AK-47 barreled receiver kit only requires the builder to install the trigger group, gas tube assembly, and furniture components to have a complete rifle.


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Do your research about these at AKfiles. You've been warned.

Does this ship to FFL? Do anymore parts need to be pressed or riveted or is the rest of the assembly pins, screws, etc?

On this one, every thing is pinned and rivited that needs to be. The underfolding stock and assembly would be the most complex part and that's not too bad. BUT....these are very low quality AKs. In the IO category, which if you don't know, is the bottom of the barrel. I would strongly advise anyone new to AKs to save a couple hundred more and buy a Romanian WASR for around $500-650 depending on import timing..... and stay away from US made AKs completely. AKs are one of the few things I would urge anyone to buy foreign (post combloc countries) Romanian, Chinese, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian. A shortcut for years of AK experience and knowledge = Romanian WASR is by far the best quality for the money.

Please, please, please, listen to Dr.K. He is right. He is trying to save you a shit ton of disappointment and lead you to a MUCH better alternative to ANY US made AK. Romanian WASR are WAY better than almost all AK-47's currently available.

I've considered getting a PSA AK. Aren't those somewhat decent, or am I just being too optimistic?

Again, I would very highly recommend a WASR vs a PSA, also. The WASR is a military proven rifle with almost 60 years of production behind it. To me, that track record vs an AK that's been built for a few years in America, that has no military service is an easy choice if your going for reliability and most bang for your buck. Good luck, you'll enjoy either AK you choose.

I have one and it's quality is close to a N-Pap or M70. I'm not a snob, just looking for reliability and dependability.

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