Black Rain PG5 223REM 16" BLK MOE STK QUAD RAIL 30RDffs - For the discriminating AR lover who wants the finest rifle available, turn to Black Rain. The PG5 brings a distinctive look, feel and overall style to the AR-15, utilizing black MOE materials for a customizable .223/5.56 shooting experience. The 16” barrel is supplemented with a black 7” quad rail—no sights are included with this model—and an adjustable telestock. The absolutely stellar milled receiver brings a touch of precision to the already legendary AR design.
Item: PG5
Caliber: 223/5.56
Finish: BLACK
Barrel: 16" STD-SMF-BLK
Weight: 6lbs. 7oz.
Stock: BLK MOE
Rail: 9" BLK QUAD
Flash: BLK MFS
Gas/Piston: GAS
Receivers: MILLED
Total Legnth: 32.5"
Rifling: 1x8
Mag: 30 RND PMAG
SKU: 794504934113ffs

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