Brand: Black Aces Tactical
Model: Pro Series X
Gauge: 12ga
Action: Pump
Barrel Length: 18.5" and 24"
Ejection: Right
Color: Black 
The Black Aces Pro Series X  12 gauge shotgun is an ideal choice for tactical situations. One advantage of this pump action shotgun is its versatility which allows for 12 different configurations.  
Features: 12
- 12 gauge Pump Action
- 12 different configurations
- Sights
- Comes with 18.5″ choked 4+1
- 24″ choked barrel
- +2 and +6 mag extensions
- 6 position stock!
- pistol grip
- extra chokes!
MPN#: 5655103853

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I'm going to hold out until the semi-auto comes back in stock, no brainer for just $100 more:

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Right, but why not just get a 590 / 590A1 ?

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You can’t find a 590a1 for less than 1k right now. It’s insane.

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Price try to find a 590 and everything this comes with for similar prices. Maybe a year ago but not now I’d love to find a cheap 870 project but nothing available

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