SKU 51655106747
Brand Black Aces Tactical
Model Number BATPSRB
UPC 702706997393 Black

Brand: Black Aces Tactical
Model: Pro-Series R
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Action: Semi-Auto
Color: Black
Barrel length: 18.5"

Get your hands on the semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun from Black Aces Tactical. Value. Quality. Realibilty. These are more than words at Black Aces Tactical.  This is a way of life.  Black Aces Tactical is proud to present the all new Pro Series R.  Much like our insanely popular Pro Series, the R delivers value for money while offering great flexibility.

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No info on this gun anywhere not even on Black Aces website. How many rounds? Is this a new model of old model?

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According to PSA's Q&A section this is 5+1 round and I am 99 percent sure the "R" series is new.

FYI, I have the X series semi auto and it runs great BUT it kicks worse than a break action action and I do not even understand how that is possible as the semi auto cycling should absorb most of the (perceived) recoil.

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