Ever wanted a quick and easy way to safely secure a firearm, but keep it readily accessible? We did too, that's why we invented the BISON Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock. Our Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock revolves around one single concept, quick access to secured guns.

Keep your firearm secured until the moment you're ready to use it!

  • 360-degree fingerprint sensor, ready to read at any orientation, perfect for when it's night-time
  • Built for reliability, instant 0.3 second release, bringing your gun from secured to armed within 1 second.
  • Works on revolvers, shotguns, pistols and rifles
  • 10 month battery life
  • Satisfies CA, NY gun storage laws

FITS PISTOLS, RIFLES, SHOTGUNS - Suitable for all standard trigger guards

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1: Biometric locks never work when you want them to. [Murphy's Law of Electronic Devices.]
2: No Bison product I've ever purchased has functioned correctly.

I think I'll pass on this "deal," thanks!

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I decided to try it out and purchased presumably even better newer model (Bison L2) at amazon for $89.10 (with free shipping).

I tried it with Mossberg 590A1 and Shockwave, Benelli M2 and M4, bunch of handguns (CZ, Glock, S&W, FN, Sig, XD). Despite it having a better tubular mechanical lock, there are still serious problems with it:

1. If you try to squeeze the halves together really really hard the lock may get stuck and not open with fingerprint (if that happens you can still open it with a key).

2. Regardless of how hard you squeeze the halves and what side/direction you install the lock on/in, there is always a gap (on the side with spring loaded metal pins) which is wide enough to insert a relatively stiff wire (a staple) and manipulate it to open the lock by catching on and pulling the bar that holds the halves together. It took me less than 30 seconds to open it like that. It does require to know what to catch on and where to pull, but once you've seen the opened lock, you would know what to do, it's pretty obvious.

3. When installed on a shotgun (or any gun with short trigger pull) it's very easy to push/pull the trigger with almost anything you can insert in the gap.

Any curious teenager will be able to open it easily, thus I'm returning it.

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It looks very similar (if not the same) to this one:
which was pretty bad.

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Well, it looks like this one has different mechanical lock (a tubular one):
which is not hard to pick either (e.g. using a pen:
It not clear if other deficiencies mentioned in the youtube video above have been addressed either.

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