The BPCC provides accuracy and fire power in a lightweight, compact, ultra thin handgun. Using advanced manufacturing processes and finest quality materials, the BPCC reflects BERSA's commitment to value and performance. The BPCC’s ergonomic design improves line-of-sight and provides greater control during use. The BPCC delivers the quality, reliability and durability you’ve come to expect from BERSA and underscores our commitment to innovation and cutting edge technology.

Bersa BP9CC (Concealed Carry) Semi-automatic pistol BP9FDECC
9mm Luger
Short Reset Double Action Only
3.3" Barrel Length
8 Round Magazine capacity
Front Sight is interchangeable with Sig Sauer type
Rear Sight is interchangeable with GLOCK type
Textured Integral grip
Hi Impact polymer Frame
Steel Slide
Integral Locking System
Firing Pin
Overall Width .94"
Overall Height 4.8"
Overall Length 6.35"
Overall Weight 21.50 ounces
Full Flat Dark Earth Frame/Slide Finish

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This thing looks like a Kirkland FMK Patriot II

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I had one of the FMK Recons which was the Desert Tan Patriot 2. I loved the gun but it wasn't reliable so I sold it. Either way I can tell you by looking at it, this is nothing like the FMK Recon. Besides being a fde striker gun that's about where the comparison ends.

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I don't have one but I have shot a few magazines through it. Worked fine, shot great, phenomenal trigger. Only problem is that the trigger is too light for me to feel confident carrying with a loaded chamber.

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0 votes

Yeah I was referring to the bp9cc. Never experienced a fmk yet. I have heard of similar issues as your experience and never purchased one. The bp9cc is hard to beat at 199.

2 votes
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The Bersa or the FMK? I imagine you're speaking of the Bersa. But in case you were referencing the FMK, I freaking loved it, I loved it so much, it shot amazing but would failure to battery 20% of the time. Literally 2 out of 10 shots would failure to battery. I was so heartbroken.

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I had the same issue with my FMK until I replaced the recoil spring with a Glock 19 18lb spring. Trigger is not great, actually it’s pretty bad even with the 804 FAT trigger, but it’s now reliable and feeds even cheap steel ammo reliably. Not sure I would actually recommend the FMK since there are quite a few good pistols in the 200-250 range.

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Sounds like you did the right thing. Sold it. I have been curious about the fmk since they first came out of California.

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.... Without a tabbed trigger safety.

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I love my bp9. It's my EDC in the summer. Finish on the slide isn't the best but its doesn't affect my accuracy.

1 vote
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