Condition *

$269.00 - Excellent (Mechanically excellent, cosmetically has some wear on finish.)

$239.00 - Good to Very Good (Mechanically excellent, cosmetically a little more wear on finish, but still nice pistols.)

These pistols come from the Beretta factory in Italy and have been checked there. These are all nice pistols but some are better than others. These pistols have been examined by us.

Conditions are as follows:

Excellent (Mechanically excellent, cosmetically has some wear on finish.)

Good to Very Good condition. (Mechanically excellent, cosmetically a little more wear on finish, but still nice pistols.)

Handpick is NOT a grade. It is the best of 15 guns looked at in either good to very good or excellent condition.

5" Barrel
• 8.5" Overall Length
• Steel Slide
• Alloy Frame
• SA / DA
• Weighs 2.14lbs
• Magazines:
- 1-15rd

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Hand Picked Fee $10.30
Shipping $19.75
Total Cost $307.12

Gun is very Good condition and excellent mechanically

Just remember that these are the ones with the mag release at the bottom.

Their website is ridiculously outdated and misleading. They add on nearly $30 in costs after you place the order and get your confirmation. They cancel your order and create a new one with higher rip off fees & costs.

Below is my total plus $10 my FFL will charge me for the transfer. If the gun is in decent condition $276 isn't too terrible of a price.

Subtotal $246.17
Shipping & Handling $19.75
Total $265.92

"Good to very good" = junk with these surplus 92s

Best junk I have ever bought and it never fails to fire. I will bet my life on it. Have a nice day grumpy.

I can't find one for more than 280 online.. Is this really that nice of a gun? I had a Beretta that jammed ever 5-8 shots from brand new to about 250rds through it with Beretta factory mags and cleaned every time. Sold it and haven't missed it.

I shot a worn out one from a friend. And I did had 3 bullets went thru 1 hole at 15 yards (double action only) I took my time on it. That was the best record I had so far. I was never own one but wish to own one. It was military gun. It’s a history piece. It’s just that. I wish I can buy this one because I just bought the 5906had.

Do I need to have my own FFL to order from them? Or is having it shipped to my local dealer good?

No idea, I called these people one time to order a gun and was told flat out they only sell to gun shops direct (the guy obviously didn't like his job) so I had my FFL call and he was told the complete opposite.

My transaction went down very well

Just order a hand-picked excellent condition. Wish me luck, I have wanted one of these for three years now and can't wait.

If possible, please leave feedback once you get hands on. Thanks.

Outstanding! I am loving it. The gun is in excellent mechanical condition. I have posted photos on the Fire Arms Forum

Looks great!

I will give a report once received and photos

"Shipping cannot be calculated until after order is processed." Can anybody provide how much they were charged for shipping?

Picked up 3 of these. Two that were $259 the other week and for the heck of it a like new for the extra $80. The like new must have been one of the very last ones as shortly after the sale was over the like new option was removed. I would rate my like new more like an Excellent +. I actually swapped a few parts off my other two G-VG guns over to my like new gun that had better bluing. I would now say my like new option gun in as close as one could get. I would say one of my two G-VG guns is on the higher end VG-Excellent. The other I would say is good with more bluing off and some light rust on barrel. I planned on cerakoting at least one so it will work fine. As others said they are liberally oiled, expect the screws to be marred and the hand guards to be scratched. You will have bluing wear and some of the bluing turning reddish/brown seen on the slide release, trigger and hold open catch. SOG was very fast at shipping even though their shipping cost I found high $60 for my three guns. I ordered on a Saturday and picked up my guns from my FFL on Thursday. If I had to do it again I would pass on the like new option or even Excellent they are most likely at the end of their stock so it is probably slim pickings. For $259 for G-VG it is a good deal even if you pay an extra 3% using a CC. I would buy from them again.

I agree on almost every one of your points. Hopefully yours shoots as well as mine. I have a few hundred through mine and it is money!

Grabbed one in like new this week to give it a shot. Mechanically great, no negatives at all there. Cosm rivalry.. 7/10 maybe. But, I'm very picky. Bluing rubbed off in multiple places, grips are slick and scuffed and grip hardware has been scarred by a screwdriver. Beaver tail has literally no bluing left.

That's fine, I'm getting it cerakoted anyway. But, wish I had of saved the extra money and gotten maybe an excellent or very good and put that money towards coating since I'll be doing it anyway.

Very liberally oiled.

I grabbed a 32 round pro mag at the local cabelas that fits like a champ. If the magazine is for a 92 full size and has the lower magazine notch on the bottom corner it should fit. Buying hem in person you can take them out of the package to make sure. Beretta has factory 15 rounders much cheaper than in person stores and they will work.

SOG was amazing to work with. Quickly talking to a real person, who learned my name and called me back to tell me my FFL hadn't sent the license yet. Ordering was seamless. What I wanted, condition, shipping price (28 for 2 day plus insurance for me) and final price. ( someone said they charged an extra 10 dollars over advertised, that's from the 3% credit fee if you don't do cash or check. Alexa told me that early on so I understood.) took my card info and sent my FFL an email to get their license. Great customer service experience.

Condition: good
Gun: great
Service: great

At this price ($259) the seller page actually lists condition as “Good to Very Good.” Even with the exorbitant SOG shipping, this is a decent price. The ones now remaining may be hit & miss, cosmetically, but they should be mechanically solid. I picked up one from SOG in Exc condition earlier this year, for more money, and it’s a joy to own. Mine had clearly been factory checked and was nicely oiled. By contrast, my brother recently bought a surplus 92S from an online competitor (rhymes with “spastic forearms”); it was beat up, dry as a bone, and thrown loosely into its shipping box—not impressive. My experience with SOG was good.

Thank You! I can't recall when I have laughed that hard.


I picked up one of these six months ago.I shelled out a little extra for the like new grade.This pistol is pristine, the action is smooth like butter outstanding shooter. My FFL about crapped himself when he saw what I paid for it.I'm very impressed with the example I received.

I avoid Southern Ohio Gun.

Their pricing tactic with the shipping gouging.

And best of all, on this past memorial day, I bought a P83 makarov with "FREE SHIPPING" promotion.... Guess what... They charged me $6.70 for shipping because (and this is direct quote):

"Free shipping special excluding adult signature fee and insurance."

Pulled the trigger on one, at almost 30$ shipping, this item really may not be the deal it originally seemed to be......

Agree. They charged my FFL a $30 shipping and $10 extra on top of the advertised price of LNIB ($349 instead of $339). It is in great shape but I would not call it LNIB, it had scratches all over the grip on mine.

I bought one as well in "excellent" condition. It was far from that, bluing is severely worn and the front post sight is nearly filed off. Given that the sight in the 92s is milled into the slide it's quite expensive to even think about swapping out the sights. Then the $30 shipping on top of that... Thought it was a great deal but not so much. :-(

I placed my order on line for the like new today. One I receive the gun I will report back on its condition. I love the Beretta 92 series. I had two Italian 92FS and had to sell because of money problems. Things have gotten better.

Just send them a copy of your favorite FFL's FFL...
Hint, I keep a pic of them on my phone! Works great.. Same as a FAX!!!! Digitally transmitted image..
Anywho.. Last order, not do great shape, went top shelf. Butttttt... They are down to the bottom picks.
Just a heads up! Customer service got the gun back, Checked for a better one.. Issued a refund. No problems there!!! But, it never should have been sent in the first place.. Just was not great condition, barely made poor condition, just about a gunsmith special. Sooooo, the supply is dried up folks, buy one cheap.. Coat it, mod it etc.. But don't expect a great carry it / range gun, without upgrading it first. AGAIN! Their customer service rocks!
But good deals dry up fast....

Deal keeps popping up with no explanation as to how we are supposed to claim it..FFL only...?

Thanks much Reloads, I'm gonna check them out.

Hogue grips only work with a fair amount of modification, and they are cut for a thumb mag release.. Not only do you have to cut out the space to push in the heel mag release, you have to make room on the other side.
So you end up with grips that look made for a different gun, as the grip frame is different on these. Not that some can't be drilled out etc.. For that matter, $10 at a gun show gets you used beretta plastic grips.
But.. If you want custom g10 scales that are thinner than stock plastic grips etc, a modified hogue grip is not it.

Hogue grips work on this thing if you know how to use a dremel

LOKGRIPS.COM all of his contact info is there.. Email is probably the best. I wish I could get pics on here...
Tell Jay, that Jamie from TX sent you his way... Outstanding small businessman.
As I had some friends talk me out of my first ones.. I had a group of different (highly educated) opinions and hand sizes to do a bit of R&D for these. I am currently working on a couple non standard checkering designs and sculpting to give them a bit more of a personalized flair. He is doing absolutely fantastic work on these.. They are to exacting tolerances and quality, some of the best G10 work I've seen! I am trying to get him to make me a E2 or less dimensioned set for the Sig 226.

Hi jlpd80. I'm an old school guy. I would give them a call. They are very nice and helpful.

It appears that the FFL has to place the order for the buyer because I don't see anything in my cart after I added to my cart.

Hey Reloads, Whats LOK? I have 2 of these from SOG and I completely agree best shooting guns in my collection. Thanks much

Buy buy buy... These are great guns! Not like their American cousin. Customize your springs, order some cool as hell grips from LOK.... And shoot the snot out of it! I have yet to find an American gun that will cycle as smooth as these, yes.. I paid extra, and suggest you do the same.. Shipping is fedex, just call them.. Fax them your fav FFL. It's not rocket science to pick up the phone and find out your dealing with some helpful folks.

I asked my local FFL if he would agree to accept the gun if I ordered it and he did.

SOG requires an FFL in your name. How the hell are you guys ordering from them?

Call them first. I did, a very nice lady answered, and I explained I'm not an FFL, but wanted to use my local guy. He wasn't on their list but she said fine, just have him fax/email his license to them and reference my invoice number. Just like most online sales. That's my experience anyway. (FYI, shipping is a little pricey but it's 2nd day air.)

Prices need updating in decsription. SOG prices currently:
$339.00 - Like New
$319.00 - Excellent + Handpick
$309.00 - Excellent
$289.00 - Very Good + Handpick
$279.00 - Very Good

Am very pleased with mine from SOG (excellent grade). But be careful, these things are like potato chips (no one can eat just one).

I don't care for how they process their orders. They don't realize how lazy we have gotten with clicking the mouse button as little as possible and paying for shipping without knowing the shipping isn't my cup o' joe either...

All my FFL fees in the area are $50 plus and stupid $10 processing fee.

Damn, I hate paying $25+$10. At $60, Academy would probably get all my business.

Bought one of these when PSA had them for 259 + 17 for shipping. 15 for the FFL fee and I had a great pistol for under 300. The gun I received was in great shape with a slight bit of rust around the barrel where it met the top of the slide ring on the front of the gun. Other than that the bore was great, minimal scratches. Great shooter. The sights are small so I put a stripe on the front to get a better picture.

Yinz can always call SOG and ask a person how much shipping is!
Go Steelers!!!!!

I believe I paid around $22 to Pa. I bought the mid grade. Fantastic gun. very little wear, great shooter. I decided to get another, this time the excellent grade. As close to perfect as u can get for a gun of that era. There are fine firearms. I'm thinking about another.

Hate it when sites don't provide shipping charge info before submitting personal or payment info

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