The M1951 is a short recoil-operated, locked breech pistol with a vertically falling locking piece and an open top slide.The pistol has a hammer striking mechanism with an exposed hammer, and a single-action trigger with a disconnector which enables semi-automatic fire only. A cross-bolt safety mounted on the weapon's frame provides safe operation with a cartridge introduced into the chamber. In the “weapon safe” position the slide catch is disabled. The M1951 is fed from an 8-round detachable box magazine. A hold open device will keep the slide locked open after discharging the last cartridge from the magazine. The slide can then be released by depressing the slide release lever located on the left side of the frame. The pistol uses fixed iron sights, consisting of a forward blade and rear notch. The M1951 pistol is chambered for the 9× 9mm Parabellum cartridge.The pistol's barrel has a rifled bore with 6 right-hand grooves and a 1 in 254 mm (1:10 in) twist rate.

The Beretta M1951 was adopted by the Italian Navy, the Carabinieri and the Italian National Traffic Police, until it was replaced in all services with the Beretta 92 in 1977. Other military forces to have adopted the M1951 include Egypt (produced domestically by Maadi as the "Helwan"), Israel, Iraq (license-built as the "Tariq"), Nigeria, Libya and Tunisia.

This particular surplus lot of Beretta M1951 9mm pistols came from the Italian Navy. They are original Italian Beretta manufacture pistols that have seen service with the Naval branch of the Italian military. The majority of these pistols will range from Good to Very Good Surplus Condition however we do have a few that will grade out as Fair due to more cosmetic finish wear but even these should still be mechanically sound. We have graded these pistols on a scale of Fair, Good and Very Good and will be selling them by grade in our custom tab below. We will also be offering Hand Select options within each grade.

By and large this group of pistols shows very little wear from actual firing of the pistols and they are quite functional and should make good shooters. However, they are surplus and do vary cosmetically in terms of condition. As such you should expect bluing wear, as well as nicks and scratches on the finish and particularly on the grips. Overall however, especially considering their age and heritage as military carry guns, they are pretty nice. Mechanically they are very sound and while we never make guarantees for bore condition on surplus upon examination there appears to be little internal or barrel wear on most. Some of the feed ramps actually appear as if a round has never been chambered even though the pistol itself will show holster wear and storage marks. Needless to say they are quite interesting.

The Beretta M1951 is somewhat of a rare find in the U.S. and therefore is considered highly collectible. It is historically significant in that is was Beretta’s first locked breech designed pistol and the predecessor to the famous Beretta 92 / M9.

Although the Beretta M1951 was produced from 1953 to 1980, we have no way of verifying the manufacturer date range on these and as such none can be sold directly to C & R. FFL Required.

Importer stamping is very inconspicuous under the trigger guard and does not detract from the appearance of the pistol.

Please see our images and our ( Upcoming ) video for an actual look at the guns we are selling and an actual representation of each grade.

Product Specs Finish Black parkerized or blued
Type Semi-Automatic
Action Single
Caliber 9mm
Barrel Length 4.5"
Capacity 8 + 1
Grips Black
Sights Fixed
Weight 31 oz
Surplus Good/ Very Good
Country of Manufacture Italy
License Requirement FFL
Manufacturer Beretta
Mfg. Part Number BM1951P
Caliber/Gauge 9mm
Action Semi Automatic
Barrel Length 4.5
Condition Surplus / Used

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I don’t know why everyone is such a Classic hater. I’ve bought multiple surplus firearms from they and they always meet my expectations. I guess it’s just cool to be a hater. Now Carol Baskin on the other hand...

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Can it be attached to a silencer and if it’s specific what would you recommend

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These guys have actual grades and free shipping, comes out about the same price. Bonus is, you don't have to support Classic Con! Now that's a Win!

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